We Love Weekends, January 30-31

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Kirkles: I’mma be taking some friends that recently moved to the area around to a few of my favorite haunts on U St., which means the Saloon, Gibson, and Ben’s Chili Bowl.  I might try to convince them that we need to go to Wisdom, as I’ve never been and have been meaning to get over there for some time.  On Saturday, provided we’re not snowed in, I’m going to Mr. P’s Ribs and Fish in Brentwood, for some good, southern BBQ out of the back of an old school bus.  Supposedly, the ribs are to die for.  Sunday will be my recovery day, but I plan on going to the Eden Center for some sweet, sweet Vietnamese food.

Rachel: Friday night is going to be AWESOME! Why? Back to the Future is playing at E Street Cinema as part of their Midnight Madness series (which, in case you couldn’t figure out, means that they’re rolling the movie at the stroke of midnight). Saturday I’m making my first trip to Cedar to meet up with some of the folks from Leopold Brothers distillery to sample a whiskey I hadn’t heard of until this week — New York APPLE Whiskey — and then wrapping out the night rehearsing for my upcoming gig at Chief Ike’s Mambo Room. Sunday I’ll be spending some quality time with Madeleine Albright at the Newseum hearing all about her new book “Read My Pins: Stories from a Diplomat’s Jewel Box.” Then MAYBE I’ll grab a few winks and Z’s … but that’s a giant maybe.

John: Friday night, barring too much snow, I’ll be trekking over to the Rock and Roll Hotel to check out The Vita Ruins show with Casper Bangs and The Jaguar Club playing support. Saturday morning will be a horse riding lesson out at Serene Acres in Bluemont and then it will be time to start planning out and measuring the new garden beds at the WeLoveDC dirtlab and figuring out what seeds I need to order from Baker Creek. Sunday will be a trek out to Over The Grass Farm to get some milk, eggs, and miscellaneous winter vegetables that they’ve got growing.

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Rebecca: I’ve been craving a “recharge weekend” for a while, which means good meals, good sleep and quality entertainment. Friday I’ll be chowing on Two Amy’s pizza and their tasty oven-roasted olives followed by a pizza calabrese (mmmm….anchovies.) Saturday I’ve been dying to get over to the National Portrait gallery, and Saturday’s 2pm Curator’s Talk on the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition 2009 provides the perfect entree into this portrait competition exhibition. Sunday night at 9pm I’ll be watching part 2 of Masterpiece Classic’s “Emma” on WETA. This isn’t a simple redo of the pithy 1996 Gwenyth Paltrow movie; this three part miniseries really gets to the meat of Austen’s novel and explores almost all the witty dialogue. I LOVE me some brooding English dramas.

Jenn: Winter’s not over yet, and Thursday night the Pentagon City Ice Skating Rink is having a gala from 6pm-8pm to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation with lots of fun planned! If I hadn’t just recovered from a concussion, I’d be there falling on my head yet again. Saturday, I’m so excited to see Synetic Theater’s latest wordless Shakespeare – “Antony & Cleopatra” – I have high hopes my favorite company will deliver an exquisitely sexy night of drama (and I’ll tell you all about it next Tuesday). Afterwards I was thinking of letting off steam at Mousetrap’s The Smiths vs. Cure dance party at Black Cat. Sunday is all about sleeping in. Zzz…

Corinne: Tonight I’ll make my first trip to Mount Pleasant’s Radius Pizza, followed by some live tunes at a nearby bluegrass fundraiser—”Haydee’s for Haiti.” Friday evening I’m super excited to hear the fantastically talented Ben Sollee at Iota,  one of my favorite local venues. Saturday I’ll cheer on the Hoyas as they take on Duke, perhaps from newfound viewing spot Black Finn. But the event I’m looking forward to the most? Saturday evening I’m going to a belated Burns Night celebration, where we’ll stab the haggis, down a few wee drams of whisky, read a couple of Rabbie’s poems and make fools of ourselves with some ceilidh dancing, no doubt making me nostalgic for lovely, windswept Scotland.

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Shannon: I’ll be moving in two weeks, so this weekend it’s time for a major housecleaning effort and a big trip to the Salvation Army.  I’ll be leaving my lovely neighborhood of Logan Circle for a bigger place in Adams Morgan, so this weekend I will also be stopping by some of my favorite neighborhood spots– Churchkey for some good drinks and delicious flatbreads, Mr. Yogato for their white chocolate hot chocolate (and a Tim Tam Slam!), and Commissary for brunch.  I also have tickets to check out the Terra Cotta Warrior Exhibit at National Geographic, which will mark my first time visiting NatGeo despite the fact that I’ve lived two blocks away for the past three years.

Tiff: Oh, how I wish I had time for fun this weekend. But I may squeeze in some time to see the Upright Citizens Brigade at the Harman Center in between all the packing, cleaning, and pitching that happens before we have to move out of our house for a week for renovations.

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