We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends – April 11-13

Rebecca J: Friday I’ll be taking it easy with some wind down the week yoga at Down Dog Yoga. Saturday I’m playing footie in morning, BBQing down in the Palisades in the afternoon and then headed to the much anticipated – makes me SOOOOO happy they’re in town – The Sounds show at the 9:30. Sunday more footie in the morning followed by a scrumptious Easter Sunday lunch supplied from the fresh fares at the Palisades Farmer’s Market.

Tom: This is a weekend for visiting the parks and enjoying the outdoors, so we’ll be starting with Noyes Park, Ft. Bunker Hill, and Turkey Thicket, to do some outside enjoyment of the city with our son Charlie. We may venture down to the Cherries, but with the crowds and the perfect weather does beauty trump hassle? We may head for the DC Insider’s favorite spot instead. There’s discussion of outdoor margaritas for the weekend, but Mike Madden from the City Paper has me thinking some time outside with a stroller at Meridian Pint is where all the cool parents hang out. Great job with the Best of DC, guys.

Fedward:  while my first inclination would be to go to Red Apron and buy All The Meats for a weekend of non-stop grilling and eating, we can’t actually just skip everything on the schedule.  Sigh.  There’s some good theater closing this weekend so we’re seeing Water by the Spoonful at Studio, and we caught Brief Encounter at Shakespeare Theatre last night, and can recommend it highly.  Saturday, because irony, we’ll be spending the glorious day inside the AFI Silver Theater for free movies thanks to Car2Go.  Sunday I finally get to do my grilling and I can’t wait.  60-day aged rib-eye, here I come.

Don: Fedward beat me to the cheapskate punch in mentioning the AFI free movie outing but he can’t take Roosevelt Island from me. If we decide we’re in the mood for a long walk we may peep some cherry blossoms by the tidal basin. Last year we had family along so we took them to the Arboretum which also has cherry trees and is more doable if you have mobility challenged folks along and have no choice but to drive. There’s even a Saturday tram tour which, as of 1pm today, still has openings. That’s pricier than free at $22 a head, but if you need it, you need it. Entry and parking is still free if you just need a more accessible and less crowded (though only by so much) place than the Tidal Basin.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Apr 4-6

Rachel: Friday night’ll kick-off when I catch up with some friends I haven’t seen in awhile. We’ll be gathering at the first-ever Unplugged 9 Songwriter Series show at Hierarchy Art Gallery in Adams Morgan. Then Saturday is a big day … er … night … since it’ll be my first Nats game of the year! I look forward to hearing the buzz of the crowd and seeing the skyline view of the city from the press box. I’m also really looking forward to breathing in the fresh air and keeping score in real-time. There’s just something so very zen about it all. Then, I’ll wrap the weekend with a softball game on Sunday afternoon in Glover Park. I’ve still got a broken foot but that doesn’t mean I can’t sit on the bench and help motivate my team toward victory!

Rebecca: Whoa nelly this weekend kicks ass. Friday afternoon I’m catching the early (6pm) sold out show  of Kraftwerk at the 9:30 Club. Saturday as part of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, I’ll be doing yoga on the Mall from 10-12 after which I’ll grab some noms at the returning District Flea as I peruse the stalls. Saturday evening I’ll hit The Dunes to check out DC’s very own Furniteur at her first show. Sunday it’s footie in the morning and Elsinore at DC9 at night.

Tom: Like a thirsty man returned from the desert, I will be drinking deeply of the waters of baseball this weekend. The Nationals have a three-game stand against the hated Braves this week, so I will be repping Natstown. Sunday is Screech’s birthday, so look forward to some random Mascot adventures that afternoon. Also this weekend is a neat event from our friends at Feastly which is part of a nationwide series called Salo. It’s a pop-up for Phillipino cooking, and the menu includes halang-halang and Agos-os, which you will have to google, but then will want immediately.

Fedward:  The Social Chair has left for NYC so I’m on my own until Sunday.  One option is to liquor up and riot, with perhaps a DB3 and a stop at Ivy and Coney, or maybe whiskey on tap at the Partisan. Or I could work on my career at Startup Weekend (but if anybody knows the organizers let them know they really need to up their social media game). Practically speaking I’ll probably just head to Annie’s and do some home improvements without the wife around to get nervous (which isn’t to say I won’t reward myself with a Red Apron steak when I’m done). Saturday afternoon also offers the opportunity to “welcome home” some WWII veterans at the Soldiers’ Home (complete with Marine Band). Sunday she’s back home, so we’ll wrap the weekend in our usual brunch-at-the-Passenger style.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Mar 21-23

Don: In my mind I’m dancing through green fields, even if Capital Weather Gang’s projections are kind of reserved. But who cares, it’s not snowing and after so long with near-freezing temps I’ll feel like I’m in the sub-tropics when it’s in the 50s. So the name of my game is going to be finding some outdoorsy stuff to do, though the spring uncertainty will mean a lot of playing it by ear. Our one concrete activity is a Sunday pickup of our third foster dog for PetConnect Rescue. We worried that we’d have an issue getting attached but it’s been fun being a part of getting dogs out of high-kill shelters and connecting them with homes.

Fedward: Like last weekend, the Social Chair and I are double-booked.  Friday night we have a friend’s birthday party, and Saturday night another friend’s going away party.  Without those plans we’d be moving into the Kennedy Center temporarily for the World Stages Festival and the opera I know as L’elisir d’amore (note to WNO: stop it with the English titles already – you’re never going to make fetch happen). We would also be making time for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Sunday’s brunch at the Passenger will round out our weekend as usual, double-booking or no.

Rebecca: Saturday looks to be BEAUTIFUL so I’ll spend my day outside soaking up the rays. First I’m in need of a bike to ride around the city, so I’m checking out the Used Bike Sale at Big Bear Cafe from 10-2pm. After it’s out to the town of Sharpsburg, MD for some fresh air and history.

Tiff: I’ve got friends in town for the annual Scope It Out walk benefiting colon cancer research, and they’ve got little kids, and we’ve got a little kid, and anyway, there will be a passel o’ strollers, probably playing tourist on the Mall if the weather holds out. (Please? PLEASE?) And then grilling, because nothing says “Winter, go away” like cooking outside with fire. Sunday finds us getting our local politics on at a neighbor’s meet and greet for Phil Mendelson‘s campaign for Council Chair.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Mar 14-16

Rebecca: F that to Thursday’s craptastic weather- I’m calling that day a mulligan. Moving on to Friday, I’ve got a sick sick game of racquetball -yes we wear eye protection dad – planned with a worthy foe for Friday afternoon at the Arlington YMCA after which I’ll celebrate a much earned victory at Ireland’s Four Courts where I’ll grab a Guinness before avoiding St. Paddy’s Day shenanigans all weekend long. Saturday I’ll catch up with a good friend while walking her pooch along the C&O Canal. Saturday afternoon I’ll hit the road with some fellow women cyclist to prep them for the Black Hills Circuit Race which is next Saturday. Sunday it’s a chill out fest until fellow WLDC writer Paul and I hit up Tea Time DC’s event at the Ulysees room. I’m uber pumped to check out this merging of culinary endeavors, artistic expression and community growth.

Tiff: There are not one but TWO new playgrounds in my neighborhood, and they’ve both got baby swings. So you know where I’ll be if the weather is anything even close to hospitable. The kid was a champ last weekend while the grownups sat on the patio at American Ice Company, so I’m inclined to push my luck this week. I’ve got to get my bike down to BicycleSpace for a tune up before prime bike commuting weather starts, so that may happen this weekend. If the weather’s not so great? Look for me huddling on my couch under a blanket, tearfully begging Mother Nature for mercy.

Fedward:  This is a weekend I’m sad I can’t be in multiple places at once.  Our weekend starts early Friday afternoon with a surprise wedding – not ours, that was a year and a half ago – followed by a reception, but if we weren’t doing that we’d be heading up to Blob’s Park for one last polka with Brave Combo. Saturday we’ve got a friend’s 40th birthday celebration, but if we didn’t have that we’d celebrate the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day with some Irish whiskey. Sunday we’ll head to the AFI Silver for Drive (part of their co-presentation on L.A. Modern with the National Building Museum) and then it’ll be time for our usual brunch at the Passenger.

Paul: I know this is functionally Saint Patrick’s Day weekend and as a half-blooded mongrel son of Irish immigrants I should dutifully be spending it drinks lots and lots of Irish whiskey, Guinness extra stout, and eating plenty of blood pudding. But that’s not going to happen. Since you can almost always guarantee to find Irish whiskey stashed on my person at any given time, I don’t feel as inclined to celebrate Senior Paddy as you would expect. Who knows? I may feel a wave of guilt come Monday and finally get that Ulysses tattoo I’ve always wanted. Until then, you can “kiss my royal Irish arse.” But as your humble drinks writer, it is my duty to let you in on where and what to drink this weekend. Regardless of specials, campy theme nights, etc, the one place to drink this weekend if you’re in the mood for some good, debaucherous St. Paddy’s Day fun is the Pug. I will stake my reputation on this, get there for brunch on Saturday and stay until last call. You will have celebrated a St. Patrick’s Day like no other. The Powers will flow like water and that honeyed, golden liquid will transport you all the way back to the green, green fields of Éire. Myself, this weekend I will be working, working, working. Hopefully I’ll get to duck out early enough to check out Doctor Dog’s show at the 9:30 club. Sunday means more work and finally getting to check out Tea Time DC with fellow writer Rebecca. Music, beer, lo-fi abstract expressionism, and chef Cizuka Seki’s (of the phenomenally amazing Izakaya Seki) Japanese-inspired food? Hell.Yes.Please. It’s going to be a great weekend. Just don’t get carried away drinking Jameson.

Don: We’re going to start our weekend with a bit of masochistic driving – out to Fredericksburg to see my Darling Wife’s alma mater Virginia Wesleyan face off against Mary Washington in a Division 3 sweet 16 game. Surely that’ll be a delight of a drive on a Friday afternoon! Saturday and Sunday are largely up for grabs, though our thoughts mostly mirror Tiff’s about outdoors, kids, and weather-cowering.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends – Mar 7 to 9

Tom: After a long week cooped up inside, we’re getting the hell out of the house this weekend. Saturday, Tiff’s cousin is playing in a band concert down at the World War II Memorial, so we’ll likely head down that way with Master Charles. Metro is going to a bit of a mess this weekend with Metro Center closed, so we might end up driving down, but it’ll be the last construction weekend before they break for the Cherry Blossom season, so that much is good. After that, we may try to celebrate some good weather with a test run to the National Arboretum for a good long stroll. Then, perhaps duck over to Queen Vic while we’re on that end of town.

Fedward:  We’re catching the Atlas Intersections Festival on Friday before we have dinner somewhere on H St NE.  Toki Underground, perhaps?  We’re also making time this weekend for Forum Theatre’s Pluto, so that might mean drinks at Jackie’s Sidebar or Quarry House or 8407.  And with the weather warming up, finally, sometime soon, maybe, we’ll keep our cool (horrible pun horribly intended) at the National Portrait Gallery’s American Cool and the National Building Museum’s Cool and Collected exhibits. When we’re not doing any of that we’ll be putting in our entry for the White House Easter Egg Roll lottery and maybe trying to catch a glimpse of Bao Bao at the Zoo. And we have a friend’s birthday coming up that requires whiskey, so we might have to do some scouting at the Jack Rose Whiskey Cellar and/or Southern Efficiency. Plus we can’t forget brunch at the Passenger.  Man, I’m worn out just from typing this.

Paul: My plan is to be way too busy to care about the lousy weather this weekend. Friday I’m going to take in some bluesy burlesque at Black Cat’s House of Sweet Bottom Burlesque Review. But before the night is up I’ll run over to E Street Cinema, because I will not be able to forgive myself if I miss their midnight screening of Airplane!. Saturday I plan to check out my favorite restauranteur/DJs, Eric Hilton, at U Street Lounge. Seriously Eric, between your shows, Gibson and El Rey, just take all my money, why don’t you. Finally, Sunday, my day of rest, I’m going to go for another of my patented six hour brunches at Bar Pilar, followed by taking in some culture at Folger Theatre’s production of Richard III. But other than that, it’s the usual: sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ rye.

Don: Our weekend plans are decidedly parental. Friday we’re going to take advantage of grandparent doting over That Darned Toddler and we’re going to go out for an adult dinner. No, not like that, I mean one where we aren’t trying to cram a conversation in between lunges to keep food on the table rather than the floor or the rafters. Where exactly that will be I’m not sure, though we’d like to make a return to the Red Hen if we can get a table. Saturday we’re likely going to a little youngster-oriented theater by way of the Atlas Intersections Festival; specifically the “Theatre for Babies and Toddlers” being done by Arts on the Horizon. Sunday we may try taking the boy to the Frozen sing-a-long. He’s too young for movies in general but he loves music and this level of chaos may be entertaining enough to amuse him.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends – Feb 28 – Mar 2

Fedward:  If I didn’t have a day job, I’d start my weekend early Friday with this interview with one of the inventors of the handheld cell phone. Otherwise my weekend looks like a lot of people’s weekends, with a tigelle or twelve from Nathan Anda’s new Red Apron Butcher location in Penn Quarter, and celebrating the DC Repeal of Prohibition with the DB3 cycle of Mockingbird HillEat the Rich, and Southern Efficiency. Sunday we’ll have an early brunch at the Passenger before we cross the river to the Arlington Cinema ‘n’ Drafthouse for the DC Film Society’s annual Oscar Party.

Tom: The weather for this weekend looks nothing like I’d hoped for the beginning of March, but you can catch me on Friday afternoon wiling away the hours pretending it’s baseball season as Charlie and Dave return to the airwaves at 1pm on AM 1580. Saturday it looks like all my plans are falling through, so a run to Flip-It in the cold for some fantastic diner breakfast is just what the doctor ordered. After that, a drop-in at Zeke’s Coffee to replenish my dwindling home coffee supplies, before a jog over the Boundary Stone. What’s not to love about a Ward 5 Saturday? Hailo is expanding to Alexandria this weekend and are offering a credit of $20 to new users that sign up with ALX20, so part of me wonders if I shouldn’t cab it down to the Torpedo Factory and brunch at Overwood on Lee Street.

Don: Like Tom, my thoughts for a mild Spring outing are being cruelly crushed by the cold and possibility for ice. A shame, since I’ll have my parents in from out of town and it would be nice to take the kiddo out and about. Instead we’ll have to find indoors activities, like perhaps the building museum. Or maybe over to Barracks Row and the Playseum, a neat place for little ones to ram around. Most of it is a little better for kids slightly older than That Darned Toddler but he likes some of the toys and play areas they have to offer. Mostly my weekend will be a time for me to wonder whether my Darling Wife’s trip to Florida is really work of just a warm weather getaway and look forward to Tuesday’s live Welcome to Nightvale show at the Lincoln Theater, which I have somehow never been to before.

Rebecca: I’m back in town after an extended vacay, so it’s time to paint the town red. Friday I’ll be catching classy, upscale cocktails and dinner with the ladies at Baby Wale. Afterwards we’ll head over to Flash to catch the spins of Robert Dietz, if the line isn’t too long. I’ve been waiting what seems like FOREVER to catch GEMS, a DC “dream pop” group, and finally they’re playing at U Street Music Hall on Saturday night, so I’ll be there. Sunday, I’m in desperate need of fresh, lovely produce (need to counteract that rum punch) so I’ll hit up the Palisades and Dupont Farmers markets.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends, 2/22-23

Are you enjoying your break before the next polar vortex comes through and tries to freeze us all, DC? Here’s what we’ve got planned before the next Ice Age strikes.

Tom: I’m on quarantine duty through Friday, but the second I can break out of this joint, you bet your ass I will. Saturday is Discover Engineering Day at the National Building Museum, and if Charlie were a little bigger, or could hold interest for more than 5 minutes at a go, that’s exactly where we’d be. NBM is working hard to inspire a next generation of engineers, and that’s something I can get behind. With some learning under my belt, it’s all about exploring. Saturday is supposed to be sunny and 60, so we’ll likely head somewhere to eat outside, and one of my favorites there is the Brixton on U Street, who have a wide expanse of space to stare at the treelined streets. Sunday, if I can swing it, and my lungs feel up to it, it’ll be the first outdoor ride of 2014, which will likely take me up to Hyattsville for an Elevation Burger and back.  Continue reading

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Sep 14 – 17

Well, maybe the 17th. Depends on your employer. I’ll be slaving away in the code mines but a bunch of you who follow the federal schedule will be relaxing. Mentally it’ll still be the weekend for me, though (just kidding, boss!).

Patrick: I kicked off my weekend with a little Africa on V-Day. I’ll be reviewing We Are Proud To Present A Presentation About The Herero Of Namibia, Formerly Known As South-West Africa, From The German Sudwestafrika, Between The Years 1884-1915 over at Woolly Mammoth, aka THE LONGEST PLAY TITLE I HAVE EVER SEEN. I attended the show with that girl you see around DC that wears Google Glass. Sunday I will be checking out another show, Yellow Face over at Theatre J. A fitting show given that I reviewed Miss Saigon earlier this season. After the show I’ll be speaking on a post-show talk-back panel, so of course I have to encourage everyone to come out on Sunday, see the show and listen to me talk about affairs from my perspective!

Fedward: We’re babysitting Niecelets this week, so our weekend started early because of their snow day. We headed off … to our own kitchen for Valentine’s Day dinner, with pacific Salmon and some Righteous Cheese. Saturday we’ll take in a screen valentine at the AFI Silver, in the DC-set The More the Merrier – or maybe we’ll just stay home and watch the Olympic-themed rom com The Cutting Edge, since everybody else is doing it (“toe pick!”). Saturday night we’ll be at the Passenger for the Catoctin Creek 5-year anniversary party (and the official launch of the Passenger’s own rye). Sunday, if the Winter Olympics are happening, it must be time for a Potomac Curling Club open house and a return to glory for the We Love DC curling team. Monday we’ll nurse our bruises and wish a fond farewell to Dino in Cleveland Park (and start the countdown to Dino’s Grotto in Shaw).

Tom: With DC going from Winter Wonderland to Springtime over the next week, it’s time to get ready for gardening season. I’ll be hauling my sorry self down to Frager’s to get the needed tools to get my garden ready, as well as a bunch of garden soil, and some of DC’s finest free compost to do some amending of my current garden and loading up some pots. Then it’s off to The Coffee Bar to page through seed catalogs and dream of springtime. Next week, we’ll be brewing some beer for work, so there’s a decent shot I’ll be over at Right Proper Brewing Company  to get some inspiration ahead of our fermentation.

small hanging out in the dog crate

Don: Since my Darling Wife and I had our first date within a few weeks ahead of valentine’s day we always just celebrate it instead; the restaurants are less crowded. Which is just as well, as That Darned Toddler had us so exhausted that we were sacked out before nine. The rest of the weekend will be – we hope – the last of the confined-to-home crappy weather activities and we started out with the boy’s first blanket fort. It was a no-surprise hit, as we figured any kid who likes to sit in the dog crate would also enjoy a little pillow enclosure.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Feb 7 – 9

Tom: More Cold and Precipitation? Really? For realsies? Well, that’s the forecast, and I’m going to celebrate by crying, repeatedly, about the awfulness of this winter. And then I’m going to think about spring things, like the fact that we’re just eight days from Pitchers & Catchers reporting down in Viera, Florida, so I may find a place to watch some Nationals Classics on MASN, starting with tomorrow’s replay of last year’s home opener with a pair of Bryce Harper bombs. But really, I’m just going to be doing a Rite of Spring Dance in my basement praying for a rapid return to outdoor temperatures.

Fedward:  Saturday it’s time for the Studio Theatre’s annual gala, so that’s where the Social Chair and I will be. Other than that our weekend is still undecided. Friday we may hit our now-traditional First Friday spot, the Petworth Citizen, and check out the new reading room. Saturday before the gala the Social Chair will need her usual mani/pedi, so if you have a recommendation convenient for either Petworth or Logan Circle, leave it in the comments. And Sunday we’ll rip up some carpet that got flooded when a valve burst, then reward ourselves with an early Passenger brunch. Free tip: if you call Magnolia Plumbing because four other plumbers either don’t return their calls or just can’t get to you during a freeze, expect to pay a ludicrous “flat rate” [in other words: expect to get ripped off]. “But it’s a flat rate,” they’ll say. And you’ll say an hour’s labor and $40 worth of parts shouldn’t cost over $500. I hope they call me for computer support some time. My “flat rates” are great, and I don’t charge extra for working on Sundays!

Don: This Saturday marks eleven years to the day since my first date with my Darling Wife. It’s hard to believe you can keep someone bamboozled into thinking you’re a worthy companion for that long but somehow I’ve done it. To celebrate we’ll park That Darned Toddler with my in-laws and paint the town taupe like only old marrieds can do. We’ll start out with a little day-drinking brunch at an undetermined location where we’ll punish both our livers and spleens at the same time. Then it’s off to be faux tourists, maybe a little strolling through the Portrait Gallery long enough to justify some lounging in the Kogod courtyard (do people go there for other reasons?) or perhaps the Building Museum. Related: my life advice to you is meet your long-term partner in more temperate months – sleet and gloom are not romantic strolling environments. Thankfully our go-to dining out location of late, Bibiana, is inside and that’s where we’ll have dinner on Saturday. Sunday may be low-key since we’ll be saving up some cheer for Rachel’s Jammin Java performance Monday evening out in Vienna. Perhaps we’ll try to have dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant which we never get to (because, uh, Vienna) – Sweet Ginger.

Jenn: I’ve been traveling a lot lately, so I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things here in DC. Now, I believe you really can’t have enough puppetry in your life, and luckily this weekend features several performances of The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer at Artisphere. If the preview is any indication, this “micro-epic puppet show” is not to be missed. Friday night I’ll crawl over to Velvet Lounge to enjoy the quirky banjo stylin’ of The Boundary Stones, and then sip a Mexican Hot Chocolate at nearby El Rey (there may also be tequila involved. Perhaps.) Paul has convinced me to try the tomato soup cake (what?) with Madeira at Flight as soon as possible, so I’ll slip that in somewhere. Love root beer? Who doesn’t? Tea Time DC is hosting an intimate cocktail tasting featuring Thunder Beast Handcrafted Root Beer, goodies from The Green Spoon, and musician Justin Trawick for a Sunday evening that highlights the best in our local arts and culinary communities. I’ll also help celebrate a friend’s birthday by bellying up to the counter at Kapnos to indulge in a plate of grilled anything. And the weekend officially ends Monday night, when I venture out to Vienna to cheer on our own Rachel Levitin as she performs at Jammin’ Java with Andy Suzuki & The Method. It’s going to be a great time.

Paul: Considering I’ve spent my day butchering numerous organs from multiple kinds of animals, and I have to be at Wisdom for the Gin Club Kickoff tonight, and I’m hoping to catch Bass Drum of Death at Black Cat after that, I think I’ll be in the mood for a rather relaxed weekend. Unfortunately, my friends from home are paying a visit and they’re not the afternoon-at-the-Smithsonian crowd. This means we will probably start the weekend off by drinking all of the ‘Gansett pounders at Pug, we are Rhode Island boys, after all. Then I’ll have to show them the high life, maybe stop by Eat The Rich for a late night oyster special, or Ivy and Coney for malort and conies. Maybe we’ll squeeze in a bit of culture. Though I don’t think so. As long as they leave DC physically and emotionally exhausted, I’ll be satisfied.
We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends – Jan 24-26

Fedward:  For the third weekend in a row I’m without the Social Chair.  April may be the cruelest month for poets, but for actresses and meeting planners, January has it beat.  I’d say I’m at loose ends, but with the weather forecast I’m happy just to keep working on home improvement.  I had the realization after a recent shopping trip at Annie’s that “Ace” is only one character off from “Acme.” Luckily so far nothing has literally exploded in my face. If I do leave the house, I might head back to 2 birds 1 stone or Southern Efficiency or Petworth Citizen (bar manager Kristi and I discussed our Ace habits the last time I stopped by, over her delicious spiked hot cider and smoked old fashioned) or finally expand my horizons at Right Proper or All Souls. And once Sunday rolls around I’ll definitely be heading back to the Passenger for that loco moco.

Rachel: There’s music on my horizon this weekend, as if that was a surprise. Friday night I’ll be at Iota Club to cheer on my good friend Louisa Hall as she kicks off a night of spectacular music featuring birthday boy Justin Trawick and The Common Good as well as Black Masala. Next up will be Saturday night at one of my favorite new venues Gypsy Sally’s in Georgetown where I’ll be catching Paul Pfau and The Morrison Brothers Band. Then, at some point, I’ll be working on a feature article about Natalie York’s upcoming CD release show at Jammin’ Java with Dave Farah (that’ll be on Friday January 31) before finally shooting next week’s video for the weekly video series I’ve been doing for my YouTube channel. Good times.

Rebecca: Friday I’m in for cuban food goodness at Banana Cafe & Piano Bar on Capitol Hill. Vaca frita here I come! After dinner, my friend and I will check out some up and coming writers’ short plays at The Fridge. The plays center on unconventional subjects so that should be some good fun. Saturday I’ve planned a tasting visit to Green Hat Distillery in NE. Definitely looking forward to seeing their facilities and tasting their gins. Saturday night I’m off to Pulpo for engagement party for two good friends of mine. I’m sure the night will not stop after dinner, but I’m leaving the locale up to the happy couple to be. Since I moved to DC, I’ve known that Two Amy’s makes bagels, biails and the toppings (smoked salmon, cc, capers, etc.) for Sunday brunch, but I’ve never been. Crossing that off the list Sunday morning. Will be sure to bring the NY Times with me.

Tom: As a parent now, I have a totally different weekend structure. Most of the time it involves getting up no later than 7am, which means I’m becoming a bit of a connoisseur of places that open early. For example, I’ll never have to wait for a table at Ted’s Bulletin because I’m going before all those new residents even think about rolling out of bed. After that, I’m giving serious thought to running up to the Chinese New Year Festival at the Smithsonian American Art Museum which looks freaking amazing. Sunday will be about recovery and zen, so I’ll be walking with Charlie again to get some outdoors time. See you on the streets of Brookland!

Don: I think this weekend is going to involve alternating between “avoid the cold” and “play in the snow.” What can I say, I’m a study in contrasts. Playing in the snow is pretty self-evident, though we might try to go a little farther afield than our front yard this time. The boy is at an age where he’s more confused by this cold white stuff than he is amused but if past time in a wagon is any indication he might enjoy being pulled in a disc. There’s a rope and a trash can lid in his future, probably at a local park. I’m also considering an outing to Roosevelt Island because it always amuses this Miami boy to see partially frozen bodies of water. In the avoid category it’s likely that means “bar,” most specifically a little Sunday brunch with Fedward at the Passenger.

Paul: Ideally this weekend will either be spent in bed, under many, many covers or at work, making many, many tasty drinks.I might nip down to Eastern Market for some bone marrow and ox tail, because this is chili-making weather. Then I might head to Dr K’s Vintage for a snazzy new [old] coat, because even in the cold, you’ve gotta look cool. Maybe they’ll have that scorpion-emblazoned members only jacket I’ve been dying to find. If I still need to warm up, I’ll head to Eat the Rich on Sunday for some chowder and heavy metal. Because nothing warms the body and soul like heavy metal. And then I’ll cap my weekend with getting paid to watch the new episode of Sherlock (sometimes I love a TV in the bar).

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Jan 17-19

Or maybe the weekend goes through the 20th if you get the day off. I don’t, so I’m in denial. Don’t ruin this for me. Make sure to tweet a bunch as if you’re screwing off at work on Monday so I don’t catch on, k?

Paul: As I’m sure you’ve all heard, it’s Restaurant Week. That means long, hard hours, all week long. So I’ll just have to play all the harder this weekend. First stop after work? Cafe Saint-Ex for their brilliant Three Course Recovery, a pint can of Narragansett Lager (Rhode Island pride!), a shot of Old Overholt, and a pedialite. After a few of those, I’m sure I’ll be ready for anything (14th Street fight club, anyone??). If I wasn’t shaking the tin like mad all weekend, I’d be sure to check out Charles Ross’ One Man Lord Of The Rings at The Birchmere. I might skip out early Saturday night for Talib Kweli’s free DJ set at The Lodge at Redrocks (sorry folks, early last call tonight because your bartender wants to listen to some hip hop). Sunday I plan to unwind with a last look at The Phillips Collection’s Van Gogh exhibit before it’s packed up in February. Without fail, I’m sure I will be forcing everyone to drink absinthe Sunday night (you don’t have work tomorrow, after all).

Don: The most exciting thing coming up for my weekend is doing something for a future event – getting tickets for a live Welcome to Night Vale show on 3/4 at the Lincoln. It’s still not on their website but they mentioned it on twitter a few days back. Tickets go on sale this Friday – probably when you’re reading this – at 10am and you can peep former local Cecil Baldwin with your own eyes. Past that point I have little plan but doing nothing, maybe going to see an open house to settle my curiosity about a renovation in my old neighborhood, and enjoying the lack of rain. I see this glowing orb thing outside as I type this and am unsure what it portends. But I LIKE IT.

Tom: What a week. Thankfully, the end is near, and playtime is coming. With a chill coming, we’re going to be looking for indoor pursuits, but something to get us out of the house. We’ve been pondering a trip down to National Harbor to take in the Children’s Museum, and what with the new ferris wheel plans for the space, it might be good to see what’s up. After that, I have to find a good place to watch my 49ers play the Seahawks, but that’s a different kettle of fish. Perhaps my friends at Boundary Stone can hook me up.


Fedward: Friday night I’m going to a sold-out living room concert by Alec Ounsworth of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. It’s not my first living room concert, but it’s my first in a decade, so that’ll be interesting. Saturday will be exciting because I can finally take the cat to get his feeding tube removed. The fine folks at Friendship Hospital for Animals and Dupont Veterinary Clinic have all been very friendly, supportive, and helpful as he’s gone through a month of recovery from some liver trouble. I just can’t wait for him to grow back all the fur they’ve had to shave off in the process of getting him well. Sunday I don’t have much of anything planned except the usual brunch at the Passenger. I can’t believe they introduced a new menu last Sunday and I wasn’t there to try it.

Rebecca: It’s Ladies Night for me on Friday with a girls happy hour at Dupont’s Boardroom. I’ll be playing games (maybe a little Charlie’s Angels action?), grabbing pizza next door and sipping brews to mark the end of a long, but solid work week. Saturday I’ll hunker down at Landmark E Street Cinema for an Oscar nominee movie binge fest. Let’s see Her, Dallas Buyer’s Club, Philomena and foreign film’s The Great Beauty and The Past. Where do I begin?!!!!  Sunday brunch is on at Ireland’s Four Courts for their ridiculous brunch buffet and English Premiere League action. Then, my mainstay the past few Sundays has been the Palisades Farmer’s Market and I’m LUV’IN it. The meat quality is absurd, so I’ll stock up on short ribs, whole chicken and some pork shoulder for slow cooker loving, and then it’s dark leafy veg time (kale, swiss chard, collards, cabbage, etc.) NOM NOM NOM.

Tiffany: I recently discovered PostMates, which is sort of like Uber-meets-Kozmo.com, so I’m going to reward myself for a week of excellent working-mom organizational skills and meal planning by having DCity Smokehouse delivered. Saturday night you may see us on U Street for a goodbye party for my two favorite District Curmudgeons. (ed note: you’ll actually see them wandering around looking for the rest of us, as that’s actually two weeks later. SHHH don’t tell!) Sunday I want to get out with the stroller, maybe a walk to Noyes Park so the Bridgelet and I can get some fresh air.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends Jan 3-5

Patrick: Kicking my weekend off by getting a new hairdo for 2014, for that I go to my trusted friend Brenna over in Cleveland Park. Saturday night I’m reviewing No Rule’s Late: A Cowboy Song. After that I’m going to keep it pretty low key- because sometimes you need holiday from the Holidays. If you are looking for something to do may I suggest Arena’s Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? It closes on Sunday so it’ll be your last chance to catch a former Cosby Show star live in-person!

Rachel: Surprise, surprise (can you sense the sarcasm?) … this weekend will be one filled with music. I can think of no better way to start 2014 than playing music along side some of my favorite people in the entire world. I’ll be at Ebenezers Coffeehouse this Friday as part of The 9 Songwriter Series and plan to debut three new songs. There’ll be some awesome collaboration going down as part of this show so it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss. Doors open at 7 p.m. and tickets are $10. Saturday, I’ll begin the story-boarding process for my first official music video which is something I’ve been dreaming of doing for years. That’ll be out sometime in the next few months, can’t wait to share it! Then Sunday, I’ve got rehearsal with the MetroSongs Orchestra for our show on Monday (1/6) at Iota in Arlington. That show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are $10. After rehearsal for that show, I’ll be connecting with my good friend Brittany Jean to shoot DIY video of a new song we co-wrote for my YouTube channel. Long story short — I’m busy, busy, busy and I love, love, love it.

Esther: after two non-stop weeks of celebrating the holidays, I need a break!  This weekend is going to be cold and I’m still nursing the mother of all hangovers so I’m planning on laying low, lounging around my house in my new Christmas jammies and snowman slippers.  No worries, though, I still plan on celebrating the wonder that is DC from the comfort of my couch.  I plan on starting my weekend with a movie marathon of three of the greatest Washington DC movies ever made.  Starting with the classic Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (with a dreamy, young Jimmy Stewart), followed by All the President’s Men (with an even dreamier, young Robert Redford), and followed by the dreamiest, young Robert Downy, Jr. in Chances Are.  No movie night is complete without popcorn, which will be supplied by none other than Popped! Republic, Washington DC’s first official popcorn company whose caramel-y truck wanders the streets of DC Monday through Friday, but can usually be found at Farragut Square.  Saturday, after a day of putting away the holiday decorations, I’m going to be famished, but as I’m staying in this weekend, I’m planning on ordering the best take-out Washington DC has to offer.  The Greek Spot, located at 2017 11th St NW (between U St and V St), is rumored to have the best take out in DC and, even better, can be ordered online.  Sunday evening will find me in my Washington Wizards t-shirt and yoga pants, glued to my radio (the FAN FM 106.7), listening to the Wizards beat the Golden State out of the Warriors.  And when they do, I will celebrate with a homemade Washington DC cocktail, courtesy of my friend Julie, who gave me a set of Capitol Cocktails recipe cards for Christmas.  Featuring 62 cocktails created by 24 of DC’s leading bartenders, I plan on spending my 2014 imbibing the best DC has to offer both at home and around town.  Cheers, DC.  Everybody drink!

Tiffany: This is it. The end of maternity leave. I go back to work Monday, so Friday is going to involve a dry run of getting up in the morning to take the Bridgelet to daycare. To distract me from the fact that (loving, qualified, background-checked) strangers are caring for my baby, it’ll be time to see a movie (matinee of the new Hobbit, probably) and go out for a grown-up lunch, perhaps somewhere on Barracks Row that’s too small for a stroller. This weekend, in between marathon snuggling sessions, you may see us at Union Market- Trickling Springs chocolate ice cream may be required to get me through this week- or attending meet’n'greet events for local political candidates. Community engagement starts early in the Bridge house.

Paul: Whoops, already shirking one of my resolutions for the new year. So much for being more organized! I’ve been so caught up with tying up loose ends from 2013 on top of surviving all the holiday shenanigans that I forgot to plan a single thing for this weekend. That’s okay, I am working every night, after all, and most likely every day too. New cocktail menu means new problems, so it’s going to be a weekend full of lots of work and desperate attempts to find inspiration (yes, I’ve already listened to Goodbye Horses two dozen times today). But all the hard work and countless failed experiments will be worth it because I might FINALLY get a drink on a menu. This is a big deal for bartenders, to have an original on the menu. It’s like getting your first book published or selling your first piece of artwork. It means you don’t suck at what you’ve been pouring your heart and soul into for so long. I know it’s going to be dreadfully slow behind the stick all weekend, but I will harbor no resentment for those who don’t come out to visit if and only if it’s because they’re at the Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club in Columbia Heights. Is that not one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language? Sorry Tolkien, “cellar door” just ain’t gonna cut it anymore. Hopefully I’ll be able to get out and play a little bit. I have a long, long laundry list of new and old bars to check out in 2014. It’s going to be a fun [wet] year.

Rebecca: My beloved Missouri Tigers are playing OSU in the Cotton Bowl Friday, so I’ve got a crew headed to Maddy’s Taproom – the official Mizzou watch bar – to watch the game, drink awesome bars and break our New Year’s dietary resolutions. Post game we’ll likely head to some spot along 14th Street to continue celebrations. Saturday I look to finish up my exploration of the American Art Museum of which I managed only half of last week. Post museum I’ll head to Graffiato to replenish my energy with lots of carbs. Last week I headed out in the freezing, pouring rain for my first visit to the Palisades Farmer’s Market, which was AMAZING. I’ll head back there Sunday to pick up some high quality meats, cheeses, seafood, eggs and produce.

Tom: I’m trying to make the first weekend of 2014 about setting trends for the year, and that’s going to mean getting my ducks in a row. First up is getting my bikes serviced, and that means a trip down to BicycleSpace to make sure I’m ready for the roads when I get there. Once that’s all wrapped, it’s a trip to the Container Store to get my office ready for 2014. I’m reclaiming my space this year and making that a functional place for me to work. This year is going to be about change, on so many levels, that getting a space ready that’s flexible is my clear goal.

Don: Assuming we survive the cold – single digit wind chill? What is this, winter?? – we’ve got a somewhat low-key but exciting weekend coming up. Saturday we’ll be picking up a young dog we’re going to foster for a while out in the boonies Chantilly and that’s got the potential to pretty much take over the weekend, depending. Before that we’re entertaining some out-of-town guests which always means an opportunity for some dining adventure. What will it be? Tom teased me today with tales of Boundary Stone’s mac & cheese with half-smoke pieces in it, which for my money sounds way better that the now ubiquitous trend of lobster mac&cheese, so that’s a contender. My darling wife and I were blown away by our first visit to The Red Hen last month, but I don’t think I have the kind of pull that gets a short-turnaround reservation there on a Friday night. Or perhaps it’ll just be pizza, of which there are half a dozen places we love.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends Dec 27-29

Don: I’m laying mostly low this weekend, what with the exertion of having hosted people for Xmas and the impending debauchery of New Year’s. Said debauchery, as the parent of a toddler, that will probably involve dinner and then going to bed at 10pm. Sometimes local fireworks wake me up, though today’s gas leak on my street has left me a little less excite by the idea of urban kabooms. What might work for us is the NOON Year’s Eve shindig that the Yards Park is having on the 31st. Sounds like a good way for the midnight-adverse to enjoy a little community activity and still get to bed at a reasonable hour. If we just happen to get into Bluejacket for lunch, well, more the better.

Rebecca: With Christmas and New Years falling on Wednesday that means a lot more people are out of town, which for me means getting to the museums, sites, restaurants, etc. and having them ALL to my very own. Friday I will finally experience the American Art Museum where I’ll take in the historical paintings and the likes of Gertude Stein and Andy Warhol. Afterwards I’ll post up at Ping Pong Dim Sum for lunch before heading to Iron Horse to play some Big Buck Hunter. Saturday I’m off to the Lansdowne Resort for some relaxing spa action and to get out of town for a bit. Sunday museum going continues at the Phillips Collection with a stop at the Dupont Farmers Market and brunch at Kramer’s afterwards.

Paul: I don’t want to do it, but this weekend is all about recalibrating after all the holiday craziness. Everyone needs a break once in a while. I’m finally going to get my butt down to the Rumsey Aquatic Center and clock some hours in the lap pool. I’ve only lived just a few blocks away from Eastern Market for four months (shameful). Hopefully everyone’s still out of town and the pool won’t be too packed, because I don’t share lanes, I just shred ‘em (cue me gasping for breath after only half a lap). If I don’t drown myself, I’m going to put the rock wall over at Results in SE to the test. That is if my poor, little fingers can handle it. But that’s enough for this weekend. Next week I’ll tackle dieting, I’ve still got a ton of left over holiday beer, hot cocoa, mac and cheese, and chartreuse that I’ve got to finish off. Change comes gradually, after all.

Tom: This is Limbo week in DC, so I feel like much of my life is unscheduled as things wind down for the year. My plans are not ambitious, as this is one of the few quiet weeks when I can flit about unhindered by overbooking. I’ve been considering a run to Ace Beverage to find some new and unique stuff for 2014, as well a stop through the Brookland Arts Walk for some shopping. Beyond that, I intend to let the amateurs have New Years Eve, so catch me setting off some backyard fireworks (or not, if you’re a member of the law-enforcement community) to celebrate the new year.

Jenn: Having spent Christmas in bed with the flu, I’m in the throes of serious cabin fever. With my apartment littered with crumpled up tissues, it’s time to energize for the weekend. Right? Sigh. With the imminent arrival of my brother, I need to clear my addled brain and figure out entertainment options. Though I’m sure to start with some Shaw neighborhood love and show off Eat the Rich (bonus points: chowder, though really anything chef Julien Shapiro has on offer is excellent) and the rest of the my usual 7th Street circuit (see every other Jenn weekend picks entry), I’m feeling the need to branch out. Since I’m still feeling poorly, perhaps he won’t mind if we do an international soup sampler tour and hit Toki UndergroundDGS Delicatessen, and Pho Viet. I know he loves coffee, sushi, and pasta, so trips to QualiaKushi, and Iron Gate are all in order. Wine is another sibling favorite and I’m due for visits to VeritasProof, and Room 11. Since he also enjoys a good thriller, it’s off to the theater for dystopian surveillance drama Edgar & Annabel at Studio Theatre, and why not continue that theme with Damage Control: Art and Destruction at the Hirshhorn? I really want to show him a sampling of DC both new and old…so from Petworth Citizen to Ben’s Chili Bowl, it’ll be a fantastic weekend!

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends Dec 20-22

Don: Apparently I’ll be spending my weekend digging my summer clothes back out of storage. Upper 50s. UPPER 60S? DAMN YOU AL GORE! When I’m not wondering what warm, damp hell is this, I will be preparing for the holiday. By which I mean buying crap and preparing to sit on my lazy fat ass while my Mother-in-laws plays with That Darned Toddler and my Darling Wife and my Father-in-law prepare Christmas dinner. (Don’t you judge me; there’s simply not room for a third in that kitchen – physically or next to my FIL’s cooking standards.) The shopping – most of which I’ve completed already, thankfully – I think I’ll do at the Downtown Holiday Market. I still know some of the vendors from our days of exhibiting at Eastern Market and – oh who am I kidding, I’m only going for the fresh mini-donuts.

Tiff: Anytime you get weather in the upper 60s in December, it’s pretty much required to get out and enjoy it. For us, it’s stroller weather, which means we’ll probably take a family walk to breakfast one morning, most likely to Flip-It on Rhode Island Avenue. We’ll be packing the Bridgelet up to check out Zoolights, and possibly also the National Christmas Tree. There’s caroling in Brookland on Saturday night, so if the weather holds I’ll be sitting on the porch, possibly with a crockpot of mulled cider for the carolers. We’re spending Christmas at home this year (Holiday travel with an infant? I do not have that kind of patience) so there will no doubt be a trip to Red Apron Butcher at Union Market for ethically-raised holiday feast ingredients.

Fedward: With family arriving Monday (too soon! too soon! abort!) our weekend is about getting the house in as much order as possible.  I’ve made four trips to Annie’s Ace Hardware in the past week and a half (Tuesday night was Customer Appreciation Night – Annie baked the cake herself), so that probably means I have at least four more to make by Sunday. We’ve also got to make runs to Costco, Yes!, and probably CVS, Safeway, and Giant by the time we remember everything we forgot to put on our lists to begin with. Given the chance we’ll swing by the downtown holiday market (again) for some more last second gifts and fresh mini donuts, but we’re still coasting on our pre-Thanksgiving trip to Ace Beverage so that’s one trip we don’t have to make before guests arrive. We’ll dream about Sunday brunch at the Passenger, but it just might not be in the cards this weekend. Once everybody arrives we’ll make sure to take them to Southern Efficiency for whiskey, and then Jack Rose for whisky. Because yeah.

Paul: I’m gearing up to the celebrate the most magical day of the year this weekend. No, sorry, not Christmas, MY birthday! That’s right, on a starry night a quarter of a century ago, this young man, then only a babe, was brought into this world (and it ain’t ever been the same since!). Festivities will be light, there’s no one left in town after all, and I sort of… “technically” have to be at work on my birthday (though I am not planning on doing anything resembling work while I am there). My big treat to myself will be getting to see Owen Thomson’s best Macaulay Culkin impression at Bar Pilar’s Home Alone Comfort Food Buffet on Sunday. What’s that you say, all you can eat? Did I mention I’m a starving twenty-something? This truly is the most wonderful time of year. Happy holidays DC!

Jenn: This Saturday Southern Efficiency officially opens, the third in a row of bars helmed by Derek Brown and Angie Salame, on the street where I live. Yes, living above your favorite bars run by your favorite people is dangerous, and delightful. A small, cosy space (think Deadwood meets Southern diner) with an intensely good whiskey selection curated by JP Fetherston, Southern Efficiency is the perfect spot to expand your knowledge of American whiskies and indulge in some delicious peanut soup or kicked-up deviled eggs. With Right Proper, All Souls, Eat the Rich, Mockingbird Hill, and Southern Efficiency all within stumbling distance of my front door, my winter doesn’t look so dreary. I intend to take a long stroll over to Dupont Circle’s Fuse Pilates studio and repent for all my indulgences on the aptly-named Reformer. I might even get back on my bike given our strange weather forecast. Who am I kidding, the most exercise I’ll probably get this weekend will be dancing: salsa at Bio Ritmo’s concert at Tropicalia on Friday night, and 80s night at Black Whiskey. Ah, the best intentions.

Rebecca: It’s a chill down weekend for me with lots of time spent with good friends celebrating the holiday season. Friday I’ll be hanging out on H Street doing a little bar hopping. Will hit Little Miss Whiskey’s, Old Vic, Red Rocks and finally Rock N’ Roll Hotel to dance my face off. Saturday I’m going to the National Museum of Women in Arts to see the Workt By Hand exhibit showcasing 35 18th–20th-century quilts from the Brooklyn Museum’s renowned decorative arts collection. Saturday I’m getting dolled up to see Handel’s Messiah, a classy glass of champagne and experience high class holiday decorations at the Kennedy Center. Sunday, I’m off to Wheaton for the best dim sum in the DC area at Hollywood East Cafe.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends Dec 13 – 15

Don: My family is taking the tack of reverence and absurdity for our weekend. Saturday morning we’ll get up early and go join others in the annual tradition of laying wreaths on the graves at Arlington Cemetery. If you’re interested in participating you can find info at Wreaths Across America’s website but the short version is “just show up.” You don’t have to contribute financially but I’d suggest it’s the right thing to do; after an earlier reported shortfall Google stepped up and covered much of the needed funds to provide the remaining wreaths, but not all. When we’re done with that we’ll don our gay apparel and join the loons at Santarchy for some enforced cheer and debauchery. The Darned Toddler will prevent us from being a part of the evening bar crawl but the wander along the way is fun.

Rebecca: I missed this week’s snow so I’m kinda pumped to see some flakes this Saturday and go walking around the city enjoying the holiday season. Friday I’ll catch dinner with a good friend at the newly opened Fainting Goat on U Street. I checked this place out last Friday for HH and apps and was blown away by the pork fries, fish n’ chips and meat pies. Definitely unexpected goodness. Afterwards, we’ll head to the Strathmore to catch San Fermin. I saw these guys in October at DC9 and they were amazeballs. Their self titled first album is one of NPR’s Top Albums of 2013, so I highly recommend making the trek up to Bethesda to catch these guys. Saturday I’m off to IKEA early to buy various items to hack a standing desk in my home office and enjoy Swedish meatballs. Saturday evening I’ve got a festive holiday party to hit up that’s close by so the weather shouldn’t hinder that. Sunday it’s NFL watching time, grocery shopping and laundry. Can’t. Wait.

Tom: This is the weekend of every party. Tonight I’m out at the Brixton, tomorrow night with the Whitesides, Saturday night with friends in Woodridge, and then Sunday with the We Love DC gang. This is getting out of control, this partying. But, I’ll also be hitting up Yelp’s Totally Bazaar over at Monroe Street Market on Saturday, and then rolling through the Brookland Celebration of Lights to get in the spirit. While our house totally isn’t on that tour, it may give us inspiration for years to come.

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We Love Weekends

We Thank DC

Part of our tradition of giving thanks here at WLDC is to tell you what we’re thankful for about DC this year. How about you? Leave your DC thanks in the comments, and enjoy your festive food coma.

Tiffany: Since late January, 2013 has been all about preparation for and the arrival of this guy. So I’ve clearly got something special to be thankful for this year. But our little DC Native has broadened my appreciation for DC as well. I’m more thankful than ever for DC’s diversity and the breadth of perspectives it will bring him as he grows up. I’m grateful to live in a city with not only local but national cultural amenities, so we can go from story time at our neighborhood DC Public Library branch and head out to the Air & Space museum after lunch. I’m thankful for the tree-lined streets and parks in Brookland, as well as our neighbors who are also putting down roots and starting their families there. And finally, I’m thankful for organizations like Neighbors United for DC Statehood who work to ensure Charlie will be able to vote for a senator when he’s 18 like his peers across the country. Happy Thanksgiving, DC. When I’m counting my blessings this year, you are definitely on the list.

Rachel: As of this month, it’s been two years since I started working on my first full band EP (due out in 2014) with Dave Mallen of Innovation Station Music in Arlington, VA. Since then, I’ve worked to embed myself in the DC music community and can proudly say that I call many of the hard-working names in local music dear friends. I still remember what it felt like to play my first show with The 9 Songwriter Series in February 2012. Fast-forward to November 2013 and I feel like the majority of the friends I’ve made in the past year were all from playing concerts and attending live shows throughout the DC metropolitan area. What I’m most grateful for in 2013 is the fact that music really does bring people together. The DC scene’s got a wealth of talent whether it’s vocalists, songwriters, musicians, producers, sound engineers, videographers, etc. but the scene can only exist if there are fans to support it. And let me tell you, there are lot of great people in this town supporting that talent. To all of the folks who support those of us who love making music and performing it live I say, “THANK YOU!” We couldn’t keep taking the stage in these parts if it were not for your continual support.

Esther:  A full decade of living in DC without killing anyone from road rage or ending up homeless because of the astronomical cost of living is enough to be thankful for this season.  But there are many other things that ten years in DC has made me grateful for, too.  First, the awesome people from a million walks of life who I have been blessed to meet.  Second, the tourist sites and museums.  Yes, I generally loathe the tourists, but they are a constant reminder that many people spend millions of dollars each year to see the things we have in our backyard and should appreciate. Third, my dog.  I know he’s not “DC” but he’s awesome and has pretty much marked the entire city, so I think that counts.  Fourth, the wonderful community of local actors, musicians, dancers and artists.  They have been my bread and butter and my continuous inspiration.  Fifth, congress…… okay, I couldn’t even type that without bursting out laughing from how ridiculous that sounds and what a huge fat lie it is.  Last, but not least, I am grateful to live in a place that matters. Where what happens in our little hamlet affects the country and the entire planet.  We’re living in a place of historical importance and I love it.  Having been raised in Idaho (which people consistently mix up with Iowa), the chance to be in a place people have actually heard of and know generally where it is is really cool.  Oh, and pie.  Wherever you live,  pie is worth giving thanks for.   Continue reading

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Nov 22-24

Rachel: It’s a music-filled weekend for me! We’ll start things off at Ebenezers Coffeehouse on Friday night while Tiffany Thompson and Amanda Lee serenade the room. These two ladies are spectacular entertainers and well worth hearing live. I encourage you to stop by and hang with us. Then, Saturday’s a big day. Fellow singer-songwriter Louisa Hall and I are going to THREE shows … or at least we’re trying to. We’ll start with a Ben Folds “Master Session” at the Kennedy Center in the afternoon followed by dinner on H Street before popping into Rock & Roll Hotel for The Circus Life Podcast LIVE show featuring The Cowards Choir, The Sweater Set, The Justin Trawick Group, M.H. & His Orchestra, and Black Masala. And then, we’ll round out the night in Adams Morgan to watch one of my favorite people — Don Kim — perform as part of The Capital City Showcase. All in all, a busy and crazy fun weekend of music!

Rebecca: It’s a jam packed weekend for me starting with some QT with WeLoveDC editor and fellow whiskey lover Jenn. We’ll be grabbing drinks and food at Drafting Table before hitting the modern disco-dance party Escort will be laying down at the Blackcat. Saturday it’s brunch with the WeLoveDC gang to organize and get some new initiatives going – more to come on that in the coming months, so keep tuned. Then I’m FINALLY catching a DC Rollergirls bout at the DC Armory at 4pm. I’m super pumped to learn the rules and watch the ladies battle. Sunday will mostly be dedicated to resting up from my Friday and Saturday, but I will hit the 930 club to catch Lissie and bond with my inner girl rocker.

Tom: If it’s the last weekend before Thanksgiving, that means it’s cranberry relish weekend. You get two bags of cranberries, an apple and a good orange, and an old-fashioned hand-crank meat grinder. Wash the produce, core the apple, and then slice the orange and apple like you remember from soccer games. Put the produce, peels and all, through the meat grinder on a coarse grind. Add some sugar to taste, and you’ve got the best cranberry sauce out there. It also has enough Vitamin C to brutalize colds all winter long.

Fedward:  Woo! Nine-day weekend!  Next week I’m taking comp days earned working through the Labor Day weekend in honor of, well, everything, so I won’t go back to work until December.  Friday’s my birthday, Monday is the anniversary of my first date with the Social Chair, and then there’s Thanksgiving.  It won’t all be fun and games as we do have to finish unpacking so there’s room for my family to stay over Christmas, but I plan to enjoy my time off as much as possible.  This weekend there’s not a whole lot on the calendar.  Friday night we’re hosting a party at home.  Saturday we might treat ourselves to dinner out somewhere (maybe so-hot-right-now Rose’s Luxury, maybe runner-up Doi Moi) but we have no set plans.  We may also try to squeeze in Mies Julie on either Saturday or Sunday before it closes. Sunday we’ll close with our usual Passenger brunch, and Monday you might find the Social Chair and me at Bedrock Billiards in honor of our first date.

Jenn: I’m loading up on the coconut water now, in extreme hydration preparation for this weekend. An old theater friend I haven’t seen in some fourteen years is hitting DC after a long absence, and it’s about time. Back in the day we were part of a tribe that rivaled the exploits of O’Toole, Harris, Burton and Reed, so…it’s going to be quite the reunion. As he completely missed the 14th Street revitalization, I’ll be sure to take him on a crawl up the strip: champagne and steak tartare at Le Diplomate (“wasn’t this a dry cleaners?”), pizza at Ghibellina, punch at 2 Birds 1 Stone, and a return to Bar Pilar just to prove the oldies still rock (new cocktail menu, Papa Hemingway!). Then we’ll waltz up U Street to show off sexy Tropicalia, down some beers at Dodge City, and breeze by a birthday party at Brixton. After that he’ll be completely shocked by the development on 7th Street, my new digs, enjoying sherry and ham at Mockingbird Hill before slurping oyster shooters (and probably everything else on the amazing food menu) at Eat the Rich. That’s just the appetizer portion of the evening! Plenty more to hit. There are new cocktails at Daikaya, and tiki nuevo at Hogo, and my god, what about H Street? Good grief, I better take him to Baby Wale for dinner first. It’s going to be a long night. I take my role as a DC ambassador very seriously, and I vow that my San Franciscan comrade is going to leave singing our praises. Or die in the attempt.

Paul: Okay I wish I could clone myself this weekend, or at least semi-retire, because there are just too many things to do! I’m planning to shirk a bunch of professional obligations in order to see Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles at The Dumbarton House. Then it’s off from a night at the theatre to get dirty and sweaty at Jimmy Valentine’s Tropic of Bass because alcohol-fueled dance parties are the only form of exercise I can fit into my schedule. Saturday means Movember Pride on H Street, where I’m finally going to cash in on this lip warmer with deals at Dangerously Delicious and the Queen Vic. After a night of slinging drinks followed by a long seat warming session at The Pug Saturday, I’m going to revive my groggy, bleary-eyed self at The Grill Room’s Sausage and Rye Brunch. Here’s hoping drinking rye whiskey in sunglasses doesn’t violate the dress code. Then any free time I have between now and Sunday evening will be spent under my covers with many mugs o’ gløgg, celebrating my favorite winter tradition: hygge.

Don: It’s the last free weekend of November for me, what with Thanksgiving coming up and family things consuming the days after the turkey gorging. So that means a little pre-family relaxation and home improvement. Friday is a little combined birthday celebration and that’s about all the baby-free time we get. Saturday, if the rain holds out, we may take the sprog on a stroll – either go-tos Roosevelt Island or the National Zoo or maybe just the path along Rock Creek. Sunday will be reserved for preparing for the onslaught holiday.

Esther:  On the weekend before Americans give thanks for turkey, cranberry sauce, and football, I decided to participate in a bit of USA pride myself by taking a stroll down one of the most famous streets in the country– Pennsylvania Avenue NW.  Starting with a fall food favorite (and relative of the Thanksgiving sweet potato), I plan on indulging in a lunch of warm butternut salad and butternut squash agnolotti at 701 Restaurant.  Following a sumptuous afternoon feast, I’m going to take in the new Anchorman: The Exhibit at the Newseum because I enjoy wearing polyester leisure suits and listening to jazz flute.  Plus, I just have to stay classy, San Diego.  Continuing along the inaugural parade route, I plan on paying my respects to the American men and women who have served this country at the United States Navy Memorial.  While recognizing our Naval service-persons on Pennsylvania Avenue, I also plan on getting a photo op with a little-known memorial dedicated to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who asked that, if a memorial was created to him, it be a stone slab no larger than his desk and placed in front of the National Archives.  Evening will find me at the National Theatre for the world premiere of If/Then, starring Broadway sensation Idina Menzel.  After the show, I will warm up with an adult beverage at The Round Robin Bar in the historic Willard Hotel.  And no visit to Pennsylvania Avenue would be complete without a visit to number 1600, the White House, where I’m hoping to catch a glance of the finest American ever– Bo the dog.  Happy Thanksgiving, Bo.  Hope you get some turkey in your dish.
We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Nov 15-17

Esther: My ancestors are British.  I’m one of those rare people who isn’t a mixed breed of nationalities.  I’m almost pure bred British isles (7/8 to be exact, and 1/8 Swedish), so I would be remiss to not take advantage of the bloody good opportunities DC offers me to connect with my ancestry.  So I will begin my weekend with a Boddington’s and bangers & mash at The Queen Vic on H Street NE and soak in true British pub atmosphere.  Saturday afternoon will find me viewing the temporary exhibit, Here is a Play Fitted, at the Folger Shakespeare Library, where scripts, designs, letters, and reviews of productions over the centuries show how the Bard’s works have shifted over time.  Now William Shakespeare is certainly brilliant, but British poet William Blake is also worth honoring, which I will do Saturday night by attending There is Happiness That Morning Is, one of the shows playing the closing weekend of the DC fall Fringe Festival.  Sunday morning, I fancy a jaunt to the Virginia countryside to enjoy tea and scones at The British Pantry, located about 45 minutes outside DC in Aldie. And to make sure I show off my British pride, my final weekend stop will be back to H Street NE, where Brit tattoo artist Paul Roe, owner of Britishink, is going to tat me with my custom designed union jack, capping off my Anglophile-d weekend and paying tribute to those awesome relatives of mine who had bad teeth, yes, but spoke with a freakin’ cool accent.

Rachel: My weekend started early with my last “big” solo acoustic full-set show at Ebenezers Coffeehouse in NW DC on Thursday night. That show featured fellow local ladies Brittany Jean and Jamie Kathleen as well as Philly-based Suzie Brown. The weekend continues with a stop at Iota in Arlington for the Deleted Scenes show on Friday followed by band practice with Jason Mendelson & the Open Doors in preparation for our show at The Dunes on November 20 (aka next Wednesday) with Two Dragons and a Cheetah and Star FK Radium. Lot’s of stuff on the plate these days. Hoping to see some of you at a show around town!

Tom: After spending last week amid the bustle and warmth of Southern California, I find myself craving, of all things, a run through H Street Country Club’s mini-golf course. I know it sounds crazy, but a night out on H Street sounds like what I need. Sadly, Charlie’s too young to join me on the links yet, so we may have to skip it. As we get closer to Thanksgiving, my mind is turning toward Turkey, and that means Red Apron Butcher’s delicious poultry. First up, though, is a community meeting about the Brookland Middle School construction progress. I know, I know, my weekends are just so full of awesome.

Fedward:  Against every natural impulse I have to avoid the spotlight, I’m looking seriously at DC Startup Weekend.  I have an idea – a good idea, the sort of idea I could actually see getting funded – but I haven’t gone so far as to turn it into a pitch.  I’ve got until noon Friday to put my own $99 where my mouth doesn’t want to be. Other than that, we’re meeting friends for dinner at Casa Luca on Saturday, and we’ll have our usual brunch at the Passenger on Sunday.

Jenn: Tired, cranky, cold. That’s been my week so far, and I’m sick of my own whining. Time to pull up the bootstraps. That means getting my cold cyborg heart pumping at Tropicalia for Friday night’s Congo y Castro Pura Viba dance party. There’s even more steam at the Shakespeare Theatre these next few weeks as Mies Julie burns up the set with a forbidden love tale. Or is it hate? Either way, the temperature is almost unbearably hot in this re-telling of Strindberg’s ultimate battle of the sexes/classes, now set in South Africa. Believe me, you’ll debate the play for days. Another hot ticket (closing the 17th, so move on it) is Michael Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty, bringing this hot choreographer’s subversive artistic magic to the classic ballet at the Kennedy Center. Only a few years back DC missed out on his Swan Lake, considered too much for us. Prove ‘em wrong this time around. Hell, we can handle even more now. To round it all out, I’ll be searching for the perfect hot chocolate, and I bet I’ll find it at the new Palena Cafe, which I hear serves Bicerin – my all-time favorite chocolate, hazelnut and espresso drink. I’ve longed for it ever since my first sip in Venice. Yes. Happy dance.

Don: Most of my weekend is going to be sucked up with the continuing effort to block off the chaos that darned baby from certain sections of our home, so the leisure time will be a little sparse and need to serve dual purposes. Namely shoveling food into our faces. So in that vein I thought we’d maybe finally see what the fuss is about and go by SUNdeVICH on Saturday when the weather is supposed to be kinda nice.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Nov 8-10

If you can make it through the rain we’ve been promised a sunny weekend. We’re not going to waste it if we have a choice, though some of us don’t. Sorry Brian!

Mosley: Sadly, I’m working all weekend. But if I had the time to myself, I’d be going to as many of the Fotoweek DC events as I could; after Sunday most are over. Also photo related, I would want to get out and get as many photos of the Fall foliage as I could. It seem particularly good this year. If you’re interested in doing the same, my photography group is meeting up on TR Island on Saturday; all are welcome and it should be fun times and a great nature walk!

Jenn: Art exhibits at the friendly gallery curated by Amy Morton are always something to look forward to, and that makes this Friday a double pleasure with the opening party of Laurel Hausler’s new exhibit, Ghost Stories, from 6-8pm. Hausler’s multi-layered work is haunting, disturbing, and simply beautiful. Her current exhibit is inspired by Old Hollywood mysteries, spirit photography, and ghost stories, so it’s perfect for the season. Please stop by Morton Fine Art to see for yourself. As MFA has the added benefit of being next door to Locolat, get some Belgian beer and savory waffles too. Afterwards I’m heading to a Scorpio’s birthday party, which might just be one of the most dangerous outings you can join. Send bail money. If I survive, Saturday I’ll search for the perfect boudoir chair at the District Flea (I need something to faint on), no doubt indulge my latest sandwich obsession, the Istanbul, at SUNdeVICH, and finally, help save the Chesapeake Bay by downing oyster backs (oyster shooters as pickle backs, how awesome is that) at Eat the Rich – $1 from every oyster shooter sold goes to the Oyster Recovery Partnership! Sunday I’ll repent at Pekoe Acupuncture and Wellness with a Mindful Epicurean Brunch from 2-4pm, featuring a healthy cooking demonstration and wholesome brunch. Sigh.

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We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Oct 25-27

Patrick: I will be out of town this weekend for PhotoPlus Expo, but I’m not too sad to miss Halloween weekend in DC. Typically I try and skip town, I know that last year it looked like I was all about dressing up but normally unless I have a solid costume I’m keeping it low. While you won’t see me on M Street, my landlord told me that if you are in Clarendon to check out N Jackson St. on Halloween- the families come out with their kids and it’s apparently quite a sight to see all the costumes roaming about. When I get back from NYC on Sunday I’ll be in Shirlington to review Pride in the Falls of Autrey Mill at Signature.

Rebecca: Like Patrick I’m out of town this weekend and not sad about missing Halloween weekend in DC. I mean it’s not even Halloween guys; that’s next week and I will definitely be out celebrating on Thursday. Climbing down from my soap box, I am sad to be missing the following DC ongoings. Friday Lego is hosting a free closing party for Architecture Week, where guests can create their own LEGO structures. The only Halloween activity I’d be getting to this weekend is Saturday’s Spooky Pooch Howl-o-ween Celebration at Marjorie Post’s pet cemetery on the Hillwood Estate in NW. The event features a TON of dog owner activities, including a pet costume contest, caricature pet portraits, obstacle training course, etc. Sunday, as this week’s weather has me in the mood for leaf peeping, I’ll research the best DC route to take for a relaxing stroll through the fall foliage.

Fedward:  I got started on Thursday with some chamber music: Quarteto Casals with Manuel Barrueco at the Library of Congress. Friday night that LEGO party Rebecca mentioned sounds AWESOME to my inner kid (“inner?” the wise guys ask). For Saturday, the Social Chair just called my attention to this Music and Technology presentation also at the Library of Congress. When, oh when, will someone host a Music, Technology, LEGO, and craft cocktail event? I’ll be the first to arrive and last to leave! Sunday we’ll be at opening night for The Night Watcher at Studio. As for Halloween, as much as it might be amateur night (or sexy fill-in-the-blank night) I’ll make exceptions for Mockingbird Hill’s Poe Toast and the Passenger’s Zombie 80′s Prom. Not to mention Spirits in Black. Oy. I better call in sick for next Friday, huh.

Jenn: As far as everyone’s favorite spooky holiday, yes, you can start celebrating this weekend for Halloween and go right on through til the real thing next Thursday. That’s quite a marathon. I was ordered to be 80s Madonna for the Passenger’s Zombie 80′s Prom next Thursday, and hopefully I won’t get walled up alive for Mockingbird Hill’s amontillado-inspired Poe Toast earlier that night, and of course I’ll hit Spirits in Black as well. But what about this weekend? Focus, Jenn. BYT’s taking over the gorgeously creepy Sphinx Club on Saturday for their Twerk or Treat Halloween Extravaganza (there will be giant hamster balls!), and Black Cat’s hosting the Eighties Mayhem Halloween Dance Party. Not in the mood for the Great Pumpkin yet? Head to Jaleo on Saturday afternoon for a Camus cognac tasting with Kayleigh Kulp, author of Booze for Babes, to learn about cognac, the origins of the classic Sidecar cocktail, and how to make the perfect one yourself. Kulp is a wonderful spirits writer and it will be a lovely afternoon. If you’d like to escape all the pre-Halloween/boozy mayhem, the Freer/Sackler galleries are celebrating Diwali, the Indian Festival of Light, with a day full of events coinciding with their exhibit Yoga: The Art of Transformation. Ah yes, restore your soul before beating up your liver. Bliss.

Don: My weekend starts with a bit of glamour shots; we’ve hired our friend Chris of Route 1 Multimedia to take some family pictures of us and That Darned Baby. Who says weekend nights aren’t exciting when you’ve got a kid? Well, WC Fields in this case, I suspect, since getting both the infant and the family dog to look in the same place at the same time is a task that might make you wish for a rock and a giant eagle. Then off to bed because we’re up tomorrow at the butt-crack of dawn for the Walk to End Alzheimers. We’re still fund raising so if you’d like to do some good with a deductible donation we’d love to have it. Sunday we may just enjoy a warm beverage inside after all that chilly outdoors work the previous two days. Maybe we’ll go sit in the Kogod courtyard and enjoy the light and an outdoors-ish feel while still being sheltered from what’s projected to be a blustery day.