We Love Weekends – Mar 7 to 9

Tom: After a long week cooped up inside, we’re getting the hell out of the house this weekend. Saturday, Tiff’s cousin is playing in a band concert down at the World War II Memorial, so we’ll likely head down that way with Master Charles. Metro is going to a bit of a mess this weekend with Metro Center closed, so we might end up driving down, but it’ll be the last construction weekend before they break for the Cherry Blossom season, so that much is good. After that, we may try to celebrate some good weather with a test run to the National Arboretum for a good long stroll. Then, perhaps duck over to Queen Vic while we’re on that end of town.

Fedward:  We’re catching the Atlas Intersections Festival on Friday before we have dinner somewhere on H St NE.  Toki Underground, perhaps?  We’re also making time this weekend for Forum Theatre’s Pluto, so that might mean drinks at Jackie’s Sidebar or Quarry House or 8407.  And with the weather warming up, finally, sometime soon, maybe, we’ll keep our cool (horrible pun horribly intended) at the National Portrait Gallery’s American Cool and the National Building Museum’s Cool and Collected exhibits. When we’re not doing any of that we’ll be putting in our entry for the White House Easter Egg Roll lottery and maybe trying to catch a glimpse of Bao Bao at the Zoo. And we have a friend’s birthday coming up that requires whiskey, so we might have to do some scouting at the Jack Rose Whiskey Cellar and/or Southern Efficiency. Plus we can’t forget brunch at the Passenger.  Man, I’m worn out just from typing this.

Paul: My plan is to be way too busy to care about the lousy weather this weekend. Friday I’m going to take in some bluesy burlesque at Black Cat’s House of Sweet Bottom Burlesque Review. But before the night is up I’ll run over to E Street Cinema, because I will not be able to forgive myself if I miss their midnight screening of Airplane!. Saturday I plan to check out my favorite restauranteur/DJs, Eric Hilton, at U Street Lounge. Seriously Eric, between your shows, Gibson and El Rey, just take all my money, why don’t you. Finally, Sunday, my day of rest, I’m going to go for another of my patented six hour brunches at Bar Pilar, followed by taking in some culture at Folger Theatre’s production of Richard III. But other than that, it’s the usual: sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ rye.

Don: Our weekend plans are decidedly parental. Friday we’re going to take advantage of grandparent doting over That Darned Toddler and we’re going to go out for an adult dinner. No, not like that, I mean one where we aren’t trying to cram a conversation in between lunges to keep food on the table rather than the floor or the rafters. Where exactly that will be I’m not sure, though we’d like to make a return to the Red Hen if we can get a table. Saturday we’re likely going to a little youngster-oriented theater by way of the Atlas Intersections Festival; specifically the “Theatre for Babies and Toddlers” being done by Arts on the Horizon. Sunday we may try taking the boy to the Frozen sing-a-long. He’s too young for movies in general but he loves music and this level of chaos may be entertaining enough to amuse him.

Well I used to say something in my profile about not quite being a “tinker, tailor, soldier, or spy” but Tom stole that for our about us page, so I guess I’ll have to find another way to express that I am a man of many interests.

Hmm, guess I just did.

My tastes run the gamut from sophomoric to Shakespeare and in my “professional” life I’ve sold things, served beer, written software, and carried heavy objects… sometimes at the same place. It’s that range of loves and activities that makes it so easy for me to love DC – we’ve got it all.


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