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BREAKING: Rex Grossman Signs with ‘Skins

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Jason Reid just filed a report that Mike Shanahan has made another addition to his off-season collection of free agents. Rex Grossman, who quarterbacked the Chicago Bears to Super Bowl XLI before losing to Indianapolis in the big game during the 2006 season, has signed on with the ‘skins. Last season, Rex got in one game as the back-up to Matt Schaub in Houston, in which he threw nine passes: three caught by Texans, one caught by the defense. Washington’s offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan, had been the OC in Houston at the time.

Go ahead and forget about picking up that Jimmy Clausen jersey, while many more developments are to come, this most likely means the hometown team will not be picking up a QB with their top ten pick in next month’s draft.

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Sports Fix: Gearing Up

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With the 2010 Vancouver Olympics kicking off Friday night and continuing throughout the weekend, it’s kind of hard to recall the significant happenings that have occurred over the last two weeks in DC sports.

Record: 41-13
Last Two Weeks: 4-3
Place:1st in the Eastern Conference

The Caps continued their winning streak with spectacular W’s against both the Penguins and the Rangers, but were stopped at 14 wins on February 10th by the Montreal Canadians in a 5-6 squeaker in OT.

Since their loss to the Canadians, the Caps have lost their last 3 games heading into the two week break for the Olympic games. They still lead the Eastern Conference with 90 points, and their next game will be away versus the Sabres on March 3.

Despite this minor downturn, Mr. Ovechkin is still the NHL’s leading offensive player in both goals (42) and overall points (89). And Alexandar Semin is on a super hot streak, sniping goals left and right, and racking up 5 goals and 4 assists in the last 4 games. Continue reading

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Redskins Sign Shanahan

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The deal is done, the press conference scheduled for this afternoon, and Mike Shanahan is now the coach of the Redskins for the next five years, or until Dan Snyder gets impatient. Shanahan will also have some control over the roster under the deal, something that only Coach Gibbs was given before. The deal will pay Shanahan $7M per year.

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Zorn Gets the Axe

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The inevitable has finally happened and the Zorn era is no more. After a 4-12 season and an overall 12-20 record, the Redskins leadership decided that it was time to fire head coach Jim Zorn.  This move, of course, has been speculated for months, particularly after Redskin owner Dan Snyder stripped Zorn of his play calling responsibilities earlier in the season. It really comes as no surprise to most football fans.  Still, I ask myself: was the Redskins abysmal 2009 performance a symptom of bad coaching, or of something deeper?  Many Washingtonians feel that Dan Snyder’s meddling in the day to day affairs of his team is far more to blame than Jim Zorn’s apparent lack of ability.  So, Skins fans, what’s your analysis?  Was this a good move, bad move, or will it even matter?  Supposedly Snyder is courting Mike Shanahan as Zorn’s replacement.  Any thoughts on that?