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Got a Monkey on Your Back?

Lowland Gorilla by Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Nope, it’s actually a baby Lowland Gorilla.  The National Zoo’s newest addition to the Great Ape House, Kibibi, turned 6 months old today.  Awwwww.  She sure is a cute little primate isn’t she?  Apparently she behaves much like human babies do, crawling around her environment, putting everything she finds in her mouth.  According to the photo’s description:

“Kibibi’s favorite thing is exploring new flavors. In one week, she used her new teeth to try celery, ape chow, papaya, and chard, as well as less-palatable morsels like hay and bamboo.”

Ape chow, huh?  How do you like them bananas?

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Come on Get Happier

Photo courtesy of
‘National Zoo – Hungry Hungry Hippo – 9-1-08’
courtesy of ‘mosley.brian’

Happy Trails…Happy the Hippo! Seems the National Zoo’s only Nile hippo will be relocating to Milwaukee. There he will make new “friends” with female hippos Puddles and Patty. The Milwaukee zoo is expanding its hippo exhibit in the near future. I guess Happy felt like he deserved more after getting attention from celebrities. At least we’ve still got various other animal babies.

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Tourism: National Zoo


Pandamania! by flickr user needlessspaces

The National Zoo was the second major DC tourism spot that I hit after I moved here. The first was the Washington Monument. Our Zoo is great – it’s my second favorite zoo I’ve ever been to (second only to the zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. No I’m not joking, that zoo is phenomenal.) so when my parents came into town to visit, we decided to make the journey.

It sort of feels wrong, you know? Just walking right in without paying. Put aside the guilt and it’s actually a fabulous feeling. It allows people to come back and back again, and it seems like there are people who truly take advantage. As we were walking in a runner in full workout garb jogged past – what a great run! Aside from dodging all the bumbling people and strollers, you’d have incredibly entertaining scenery and quite a steep hill workout. Envious.

As you enter the zoo you’re faced with starting your zoo tour by heading down towards the pandas on the the Asia walk, or going down the entire hill and doing everything on the way back up. I don’t have an opinion either way. But I do recommend that you print out a map before you go – available on the zoo web site, you can save yourself money by printing it out on your own. Otherwise they charge for a take-with-you map. Fair, I think, since entry is free. So off you go to meet and greet all the animals. Continue reading

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Easter Monday at the Zoo

Photo courtesy of
‘Petting Ponies’
courtesy of ‘tiffanywashko’

This coming monday, Easter Monday, the National Zoo will host its annual event, Celebrating the African American Family from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. The day’s many festivities include an appearance by the Easter Bunny, an Easter Egg Hunt and Roll, arts and crafts and various animal shows. I’m particularly interested in the “Meet a Naked Mole Rat” demonstration, I don’t know about you. There will also be food, delicious food.

The event is free and the show will go on rain or shine (although the weather looks decent; 56* and sunny). Maybe you’ll catch a glipse of the most adorable additions to the zoo, or Harrison Ford. So much zoo love this week! Continue reading

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Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart, and Son, with Happy the Hippo and a Zookeeper

"Come on get Happy"
Originally uploaded by Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Via the National Zoo we behold Harrison Ford, his fiancé Calista Flockhart, and her son Liam at the National Zoo, getting a closeup view of 5000 pound Nile hippopotamus Happy. Word is that Ford was able to personally feed the hippo, whose diet, like a Nabooan shaak, consists mainly of grass.

No word on whether Mr. Ford then pulled out a whip to fend off the hippo from stampeding his future family. Anyway, ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.

Featured Photo

Featured Photo

Blissful Slumber by Karon

It seems that no matter what species, we all enjoyed the warm weather last weekend.  The first sign of warm winter weather brings out shorts, t-shirts, skirts, flip flops, and other optimistically unsuitable clothing for 50 degree temperatures.  Convertible tops come down, people eat brunch on local outdoor patios, and some people even hit the links.  If you’re an otter at the National Zoo, you slumber in the afternoon sun while people make cutesy noises at you.  Awwwww.  Life is good isn’t it?

Warm temperatures look like they’ll peak on Wednesday this week, reaching nearly 70 degrees.  Anyone want to call in sick with me?  Spring will not come soon enough.

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Tourism: Halloween in DC

Pumpkin Close Up
Pumpkin Close Up by RSchley

It’s the week before Halloween, and from the looks of the weather forecast, we might see a few creepy thunderstorms before the big day. So, get ready for some Haunted House action here in town as we come close to the big Trick or Treat day. Here are a few ideas for the next week or so to get your Halloweeen on.

Boo at the Zoo

October 23-26 at the National Zoo

Take your kids and trick or treat at the zoo! They’ll have special stations setup for pictures with the various exhibits, and 40 treat stations. Tickets are $15 for FONZ members and $25 otherwise. Saturday’s sold out, so get on tickets for tonight or Sunday or Monday before too much longer, or you might find yourself stuck outside.

Ghost Tour of Lafayette Park

October 27-31 in Lafayette Park

Who’d have thought that the middle of DC was haunted, especially just a block from the White House! There’s a great tour of Lafayette Park’s ghost stories being lead on weeknights through square. Who knew that Lafayette Park was such a neat place? Tickets are $10. Tonight’s tour is sold out, but there’s space left on each of the weekdays next week, including Halloween.

Continue reading