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We Love Sports: Nats U for Women

Photo by Rachel Levitin

There’s a scene in the 1992 movie “A League of Their Own” where catcher Dottie Hinson, played by Gina Davis, her younger sister Kit and their future teammate Marla Hooch first set foot on the warning track of the fictional Harvey Field for the first-ever All-American Girls Baseball League tryouts.

It’s that first glance inside the hallowed grounds of what is traditionally known for being a “Men’s Only Club” that filled their eyes with a child-like sense of wonder. It’s kind of like the first time anyone, no matter their age, sets foot inside of Disney’s Magic Kingdom in either California or Florida – it’s fulfilling a fantasy. In this case, a baseball fantasy. That’s what Nats U for Women is akin to.

Nats U is by no means a big league tryout for women to make Washington’s squad but stepping upon the sacred grass (that is always restricted territory to fans) is an indescribable feeling. Most women in attendance attribute the program’s success to being a unique event for them to participate in together as fans of the Nationals and of Major League Baseball.

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