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New Bike Lanes on 15th Street!

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‘Future Contraflow lane’
courtesy of ‘volcrano’

If you’ve been on 15th Street NW this past week, you’ve probably noticed the construction of a new contraflow bike lane. This lane will be open early next week, allowing bicyclists to travel south on northbound 15th Street NW.  This improvement project also includes ‘sharrows’, or painted arrows reminding motorists to share the road, for northbound bicyclists.

As a major commuting artery in the city, 15th Street is notorious for being car-dominated– the four lanes of one-way traffic seem to really encourage drivers to speed.  I live a block off 15th Street and feel like I’m taking my life in my hands every time I have to cross at my unsignalized intersection.  So here’s hoping the new bike lane will lead to a more balanced mix of transportation that is pleasant and safe for pedestrians, bikes, and cars.