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NBC Washington Mocks WV, Shows Enormous Ignorance

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Update 9:09AM: As of very recently, NBC Washington has taken DOWN this post in response. Thank you NBC for this first step. We anxiously await your written response as well. Thanks to everyone for your action.

As a DC area resident and WV native, I am outraged at the recent insulting and downright offensive “news” article from NBC Washington titled “West Virginia Discovers the Internet“. In this not even remotely humorous piece, Chris Needham mocks WV in over-the-top obnoxious terms for putting all of their vital public records online. In fact, WV is actually one of very few states in the country that also provide public access to images of these documents, making WV advanced in this case.

In this short little piece of commentary that NBC Washington has the nerve to pass off under the “news” heading on their website, Needham writes such utterly offensive crap as:

…they have to poop in their backyard, running through the cold, fearing that the trap door on their red flannel pajamas should pop open early, exposing their nether regions to the bite of the winds…

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