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Army 10-Miler on Sunday!

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This Sunday is the Army 10-Miler, starting at 8 AM at the Pentagon. The race is the largest 10-mile run in the country, with over 30,000 registered participants.  The Metro is opening early on Sunday to get all those runners to the Pentagon, and there will be a whole lot of street closures on Sunday morning as well.

The race expo will be held at the DC Armory on Friday and Saturday this weekend.  This isn’t just your typical pre-race expo with displays and sales on athletic gear, this expo is actually doing some good.  Bring your new or slightly worn running shoes to the expo this weekend to help out Soles4Souls, a charity that distributes shoes to disadvantaged people worldwide.

Sunday should be beautiful weather for the race, so even if you’re not registered, plan on heading out to watch the mass of 30,000 people take over the streets around DC and Arlington.  See you out there!

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Congressional Vote May Delay I-395 Migraine

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Virginia commuters, pay attention: Thursday may well be a good or bad day for your future commute, depending on how the House of Representatives vote on Jim Moran’s proposal. Moran is asking Congress to halt the transfer of thousands of defense workers to a new office building in Alexandria until the Pentagon can guarantee new commuting patterns won’t make what’s already a traffic headache becoming a full-blown migraine.

The Pentagon’s original plan, part of the 2005 federal base realignment, would relocate 6,400 workers to the Mark Center, located off Seminary Road near I-395. There are no immediate Metro access points to the building (it’s two miles from the closest rail station, but is serviced by a couple of bus routes), which would almost immediately spike the number of cars traveling to and from the center during rush hour. Moran’s measure aims to limit the Pentagon’s transfers to 1,000 cars, forcing the Pentagon to either delay most of the planned moves or come up with alternative carpool, bus, and/or telecommuting plans. One current solution – construction of an exit ramp off 395 that leads to the building – is currently on hold because of environmental issues. Continue reading

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Shooting at Pentagon Metro

(Video from ArlingtonNews)

Update, the next day: Pentagon shooter J. Patrick Bedell was a software engineer from California, with lots of online trails: a Wikipedia profile, a blogspot blog, an Amazon review and wish list, a Linked In page, and a SourceForge project. See DCist and Gawker for additional details on Bedell’s disturbed online presence.

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Transit: Memorial Memo

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Pentagon, courtesy of tsmyther

The Pentagon will open the first of three memorials for the victims of the September 11 attacks on Thursday. The memorial will be available to visitors 24 hours a day.

A dedication ceremony will be given tomorrow morning; the site will open to the public in the evening.

If you’re planning on driving / commuting near the Pentagon tomorrow, there’s some things you need to know.

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