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Armed Protesters

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‘9-12 March in DC-24’

If you happen to see a group of armed Tea Baggers in Virginia tomorrow, don’t be alarmed! It’s merely a group of patriots(tm) attempting to make some sort of statement against big government by carrying firearms, which symbolizes something. A coalition of militias and gun rights groups that are ticked about, amongst other things, health care reform and bailouts, are strapping on and gathering tomorrow at Gravelly Point on the Virginia side of the Potomac, the closest place to DC that they can openly carry. They aim to make history by holding the first armed protest in a national park, and are in no way attempting intimidate political opponents by brandishing weapons as they protest the “erosion of the Constitution.”  In fact, they see bearing arms as a form of mainstream political dialogue, a right granted to them by the Constitution, along with the right to peaceably assemble. Why you’d need weapons at a peaceful protest hasn’t quite been hashed out, but supposedly the group has a rationale.  But really, I’m not here to tell you about it.  I just don’t want you to freak out if you see guys with guns shouting angrily in the direction of the Capitol. They’re just fighting for our rights.

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Million Militia Man March Probably Not Pushing Through

Via The Washington Independent, we have news of the arrest of nine militiamen for conspiracy to overthrow the government. Among the arrested: Kris “Pale Horse” Sickles, who about a year ago posted — and then quickly pulled — a YouTube video calling for a “Million Militia Man March” on Washington, in which large numbers of Second Amendment advocates would march on the National Mall openly carrying firearms, but doing nothing violent.

Sadly, with the arrest of Pale Horse, it looks like the Million Militia Man March may never come to pass. And that’s how America died and the Illuminazi Muslim Communist New World Order took away everyone’s guns and replaced them with healthcare death panels. Forever.

More from TPMmuckraker.

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Shooting at Pentagon Metro

(Video from ArlingtonNews)

Update, the next day: Pentagon shooter J. Patrick Bedell was a software engineer from California, with lots of online trails: a Wikipedia profile, a blogspot blog, an Amazon review and wish list, a Linked In page, and a SourceForge project. See DCist and Gawker for additional details on Bedell’s disturbed online presence.

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Guns at Great Falls and Other National Parks

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‘Limberger’s Victory (cinema 1915)’
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Today, a new law goes into effect that allows firearms in many national parks.

Previously, guns were generally prohibited in national parks, except for some in Alaska and in parks that allow hunting.

Now, the national parks — there are nearly 60 in this area — follow local gun laws. Anyone who can legally possess firearms under federal and state law can now possess those firearms in the national parks in that state, except in federal facilities such as visitor centers and ranger stations.

In fact, some folks suggested driving their guns out to Great Falls this afternoon, just because they can.

So what does this mean for, say, the Jefferson Memorial? Or the Mall?
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Ex-Maryland Police Chief Sells Stolen Gun To Civilian

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You know the economy’s bad when you’ve got local officials selling off their “office supplies” to make an extra buck.

Former Morningside, MD Police Chief David Eichelberger was indicted on five counts after allegedly stealing a gun from the Morningside Police Department. To make matters worse, Eichelberger sold the Glock handgun from the back of a police cruiser to a civilian back in July — a month before Eichelberger was named chief of police.

“The person that the former chief sold the gun to eventually notified the mayor of the town of the sale,” Attorney Glenn Ivey said.

Maryland State Police are still investigating the case, but as of now Eichelberger is facing a five year prison sentence.