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Reality TV: “DC Cupcakes” Premiere

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Last night’s preview party for “DC Cupcakes” was filled with pink boxes, votive candles, delicious mini cupcakes, champagne and a fantastic look out at the trials, tribulations and success of locally owned and operated Georgetown Cupcake.

The first episode of the six-part series premieres this Friday at 10pm on TLC and opens on Valentine’s Day, the busiest day of the year, where the cupcakery must meet a demand increase of 500% (the shop usually sells 5,000 cupcakes a day, so we’re talking 25,000 cupcakes here,) AND tackle a last minute challenge for a good cause. Like every small business, and reality TV show, there are bumps in the road, conflicts, mishaps, lovable characters (look for comic relief from head baker Andrew and shop staffer Yasmin) and late nights. Also, be prepared for a blast from the past, as the episode contains Snopocalyspe covered streetscapes. SnOMG!

While some might argued that the cupcake craze has jumped the shark, there’s something sweet (pun intended,) charming and inspirational about two sisters quitting their finance and fashion industry jobs to join forces and simply bake cupcakes. According to co-owner Sophie LaMontagne, the two sisters originally defined success as “making the rent and baking with their mom at their side.” LaMontagne exuberantly added “I get to come to work in sweatpants and make cupcakes!” Got to admit that sure beats pantyhose. Continue reading

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…And the Housewives Are?

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Carol Joynt of the New York Social Dairy thinks that she may know who the “Real” Housewives of DC will be.  Based on her inside knowledge, she has a list of five socialites that are likely to be on Bravo’s upcoming reality show.  The ladies in question are: Mia Abdo, supposedly one of DC’s best dressed; Mary Amons, founder of “District Sample Sale”; Lynda Erkiletain, owner of DC’s top modeling agency (we have modeling agencies?); Michaela Salahi, a former model and wife of a wealthy vintner; and Lisa Spies, wife of Republican fundraiser Charlie Spies. That fact that I’ve only heard of one of these women is a badge that I wear with honor.  Hopefully, reality TV will leave us alone sooner rather than later.