We Love Weekends: February 6-7, SNOPOCALYPSE II!

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Kirk: On Friday, I’m going to the Dogfish Head Alehouse in Falls Church to celebrate my tax return. My plans for Saturday are tenuous, at this point. Provided it doesn’t snow, I’m going to make another attempt at Mr. P’s Ribs and Fish, as my plans were foiled last weekend.  Sunday is, of course, Super Bowl time.  Hopefully I’ll be sitting at a friend’s house in front of a 60″ HD TV with my mouth agape.  Do I care who wins?  No. I hate the Colts and I think that the Saints are overrated. After the game, I’ll mourn the end of the football season and being preparing for fantasy baseball.

John: Friday night I’m going to grab a quick bite somewhere along U street (maybe Marvin) and then run over to play an early show with No Second Troy at the 9:30 Club (Hotspur is headlining, doors at 6, show over by 10:30). After that some drinking at Duffy’s and possibly a late night dance off at find somewhere to watch the SuperBowl and get my drink on. Without a dog in the fight, it’s probably going to see what I can do to start and yet avoid a fist fight.

Paulo: Theodore Roosevelt Island under a foot of snow — what’s that like? Guess I’ll go find out this weekend. Then chowder and clam strips at Tackle Box and a walk through the National Portrait Gallery to pay respects to the late J.D.

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Ben: I’ll be reveling in the coming snowpocalypse (version 2.0) on Friday night and Saturday, sorting through photos I’ve taken over the last year. However, my fun really begins on Sunday with my Pittsburgh Penguins visiting the Verizon Center and the Washington Capitals, hopefully to break “the streak” if the Rangers or Atlanta fail to do so. Regardless, I’ll fill in our faithful readers with a game summary recap soon after. (Hopefully with photos!) Sunday night I’ll probably do some night photography around the Mall, since everyone else will be watching the Super Bowl.

Jenn: I ain’t afraid of no snow. Ok, maybe just a little. In any case it’s not going to stop this blizzard-born girl from having fun this weekend. Friday night local artists Dana Ellyn and Matt Sesow are getting married at Longview Gallery, and you’re invited. Their current work is an incredible meditation on modern marriage (if you can call such in-your-face imagery meditative!). It’s going to be a blast. Saturday I’m rallying the troops to party on U Street and celebrate my birthday no matter how high the snow falls. Failing that, there’s always art at Phillips Collection with the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit opening Sunday. Get your shovels ready!

Rebecca: Friday I’ll be buying copious amounts of bread and milk to sustain myself during this weekend’s Snowapocalypse Parte Deux. Saturday, it’s snow fucking yeah time! You’ll find me sledding down Wisconsin Avenue into the Potomac on a garbage bag and then cuddling down on my couch watch the quality OnDemand movies Comcast is offering. Sunday, I’ll likely be running around trying to secure my Super Bowl party grocery list. Go Saints!

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Samantha: After stocking up on the major essentials (i.e. gummy bears) in preparation for the storm, the rest of my weekend will be spent eating (i.e gummy bears), watching foreign films (thank you Netflix), and playing Bananagrams.  Side note:  If you don’t know of Banagrams, you should, it might just change your life – or at least make these snowed in weekends seems a little bit more interesting.  Adding some drinking into the rules might not hurt your potential for a fun time either.

Katie: Because the stupid weather gods keep trying to toy with us, my friends and I are declining to let any snow ruin our plans by throwing a big snow sleepover. We’ll have movies, nap time, board games, nap time, wine, more wine, nap time, our favorite TV shows, and maybe do a little crafting. All done in our jammies, of course.

Corinne: It’s gonna be tough to top last weekend, where I watched the Hoyas pummel Duke as President Obama looked on just a few sections away. Amazing. But with all the snow predictions, I glimpse potential for this weekend too. What’s on tap: heading to Theater J to see “The Four of Us,” birthday celebrations for a lifelong friend at a yet-to-be-determined locale and cozying up fireside with friends, bevvies and (fingers crossed) s’mores. Sunday I suppose I’ll be a good American and tune into the big game!

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Tiff: We were supposed to be having an open house this weekend so as to get our house on the market (anyone want a 2BR, 1BA condo w/ backyard in Arlington?), but I’m thinking the weekend will instead be spent trying to come up with every possible recipe combination for milk, eggs, and Bisquick. But maybe Snowpocalypse: The Squeakuel will bring us as much blog fodder as the last one.

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4 thoughts on “We Love Weekends: February 6-7, SNOPOCALYPSE II!

  1. ben: i don’t think that it’s acceptable for a Pens fan to provide Caps game recaps. just sayin. i’ll read ’em somewhere else.

  2. You don’t really know the fan-allegiance of the sportswriters in any other media outlets. For all you know, the person recapping for WaPo, ESPN, or anybody else is a Pens fan. The Pittsburgh diaspora is huge. It seems disingenuous to penalize someone for having the guts to *admit* it.

  3. i’m not “penalizing” him for it and certainly it was half tongue in cheek. i don’t even read recaps, i’ll be watching the game anyway. relax

    i would hope other sportswriters aren’t actively rooting against the team they are covering but as you note i have no way of knowing.

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