SNOMG, damnit!

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‘damn the snow — full speed ahead!’
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After a second snowpocalypse, do we stop getting excited about them? This question is not abstract; I really mean it.  It looks like we’re in for yet another snow storm, perhaps larger than any we’ve had so far this year. The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch, calling for up to 20 inches for the DC area.  Who’s ready to be snowed in for yet another weekend? Not this guy.  Still, it seems inevitable.  So, make a run on milk and bread and find some sweet board games, or something.  I don’t think you’ll be going anywhere this weekend. And stick with WLDC for all of your Snowpocalypse 2.0 coverage.

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5 thoughts on “SNOMG, damnit!

  1. ugh. i am definitely not looking forward to ANOTHER snowpocalypse. also, why does this keep happening on weekends?! i want a snow day, dammit.

  2. When snowstorms hit DC during the workweek, tax payers lose money. These large storms each weekend must be part of an agreement between NOAA and other government agencies to cut back on government spending during this difficulty economic times. It’s a recession snowpocalypse.


    Seriously though, I have friends that were supposed to fly in Saturday morning. Dang.

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