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Q&A with GEMS

photo courtesy of GEMS

photo courtesy of GEMS

GEMS is the newest creative vehicle for Clifford John Usher and Lindsay Pitts, formally formed in August of 2012. Their sound is dreamy, lush, hypnotic, melancholic pop. Previously the duo went by the name Birdlips, and had a more acoustic driven, organic, though equally gorgeous sound. Both incarnations feature beautiful vocals and highlight harmonies, nestled in layers of lush sounds. GEMS will be playing this Wednesday, March 6th, at Rock & Roll Hotel along with Ex Cops and Dead Professional, before hitting the road to SXSW. (* note- due to inclement weather, this show has been canceled.* )We Love DC got the chance for a brief chat with Cliff this past week, and here’s what he had to say.

Alexia Kauffman: So how did you you first start playing music?

Clifford John Usher: Well Lindsay and I met in Charlottesville, Virginia, I guess it was in 2007, and started playing in a college band that we had, and that band broke up after school, and we started Birdlips then, just the two of us. And then this new band was started this past August. We had known that we wanted to start a new band for a while, so it was kind of a progression.

Alexia: So what brought about the whole metamorphosis into GEMS?

Cliff: It was really a variety of factors, I guess. We did Birdlips for over five years, and I think the last year and a half of Birdlips we were pretty certain we wanted to do something else. I think we just wanted a clean break. We wanted to kind of start over in a lot of different areas, and not feel like we were obliged to keep playing old material. We didn’t want to feel constricted by what we had done in the past, I guess. We knew we wanted to do something louder, more electric. We wanted to get away from the whole folk association that we kind of had in Birdlips. It was hard, you know, even at the end of Birdlips we were doing something that I don’t think was really folk at all, and we still felt kind of trapped by the folk or psych-folk genre. So that was a big part of it. And we just had been playing more with electric guitars and with different recording techniques, so it kind of just made sense to us to start a new band. We’ve also been playing with a drummer. Which all the shows we’ve done as GEMS so far we’ve done with a drummer. Although the string that we’re getting ready to do- going down to South by Southwest we’re just going as a duo. Continue reading

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Q&A with Jesse Tabish of Other Lives

photo by Jeremy Charles

My first exposure to Oklahoma’s Other Lives was at this year’s Coachella music festival. I had never heard them before, but had heard the name, and decided to check them out. I was blown away. The five-piece band’s sound is orchestral and lush, blending dreamy, melancholic vocals with beautiful and unconventional instrumental arrangements. Earlier in the year they spent some time opening for Radiohead on tour in the US and Mexico, and are now on their own US tour supporting their latest album, Tamer Animals- a gorgeous, dark, musical fantasy. They play DC’s Rock & Roll Hotel this Friday, November 30th. I recently got the chance to talk with singer Jesse Tabish, and here’s what he had to say.

Alexia Kauffman: How’s your tour going?

Jesse Tabish: Really nice! We’re about halfway through, and we’re headed to Austin right now, so I can’t complain. It’s been very nice.

Alexia: Cool! So how did you first start playing music?

Jesse: Well I started very young, playing the piano, maybe four or five, and you know played music my whole life. Picked up the guitar when I heard Nirvana, just like many kids, and I’ve been writing music for the last fifteen years. That’s kind of all I’ve ever done, from when I was little.

Alexia: So you mentioned Nirvana, who I love- was there any one artist or album that made you fall in love with rock?

Jesse: Oh yeah, I remember one Christmas, when I was very young, my parents got me a little single of “Hey Jude” on a tape. And I remember it was the first time I was really truly taken aback by something, and I listened to that the whole day. I probably listened to that song forty times, just on repeat and repeat and repeat. It was kind of the first moment I was like “Wow!”, really powerful.

Alexia: So do you feel like there’s a scene where you all are from?

Jesse: You know, it’s like an anti-scene, really. We’ve been doing music in Oklahoma for the last ten years, and I say anti in the sense that there’s no collective sound of bands. Which I think is really fantastic. Oklahoma’s a little bit of a lonely place- there’s not a whole lot of things coming in and out of it. In some ways it has this feel of isolation to it, and I think, you know, it can leave artists to kind of have that meditation and to be and grow individually from that, rather than sometimes you get too much of a scene, you get too many bands that are influencing each other too much. But in Oklahoma it’s kind of the opposite. Continue reading

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The Winning Ticket: Justin Jones @ Rock & Roll Hotel, 11/10/2012

photo courtesy of Justin Jones

Today We Love DC is giving away a pair of tickets to see Justin Jones at Rock & Roll Hotel this Saturday, November 10th! Also on the bill Saturday are Luray and The Vagabond Union.

For your chance to win these tickets simply leave a comment on this post using a valid email address until 4pm today. One entry per email address, please.

For the rules of this giveaway…

Comments will be closed at 4pm and a winner will be randomly selected. The winner will be notified by email. The winner must respond to our email in 24 hours or they will forfeit their tickets and we will pick another winner.

Tickets will be available to the winner at the ticket window of the Rock and Roll Hotel on the night of the concert. The tickets must be claimed with a valid ID. The winner must be old enough to attend the specific concert or must have a parent’s permission to enter if he/she is under 18 years old.

Comment away!


Justin Jones


The Vagabond Union

at Rock & Roll Hotel

This Saturday, November 10th

Doors 8pm/Show 9pm

$12 adv/$15 door

tickets available here!



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Hot Ticket: Black Hills & How To Dress Well @ Rock & Roll Hotel, 10/11/2012

photo by Stephanie Breijo

Thursday night one of my favorite DC bands, Black Hills, plays Rock & Roll Hotel. They are opening for Berlin’s ambient electronic ‘oFF’ Love, and headliners How To Dress Well. Their sound layers dreamy vocals, lush synth-strings, ethereal electronics and groovy bass & drum lines with euphoric results. If you’ve missed me gush about them before, check out my review of their show at Black Cat at the beginning of this summer, and my interview with singer/producer Aaron Estes.

Black Hills opens the night at 8pm sharp, so be sure to get to the club early!

Black Hills

‘oFF’ Love

How To Dress Well

Thursday, October 11

doors 7pm/music at 8pm/$15

Rock & Roll Hotel

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Hot Ticket: Black Hills at Rock & Roll Hotel, 7/30/2012

photo by Stephanie Breijo

DC’s own Black Hills play tonight at Rock & Roll Hotel. They are opening for British electronic-rock duo The Big Pink.

Black Hills is the dreamy electronic project of Aaron Estes, former front-man of the now defunct DC indie-rock group Bellman Barker. If Air, Royksopp, and Goldfrapp had a beautiful, iridescent love-child, it would be Black Hills. A few months back I interviewed Estes- you can check that out here. I also couldn’t stop gushing in my review of Black Hills’ performance at the Black Cat in May- read that here. While the songs on the EP Black Gold (which you can hear here) are all written/produced by Estes, the live show features a full band, and is a must-see/hear. Do your ears, heart, and soul a favor and go check out Black Hills tonight!

Black Hills

opening for The Big Pink

doors 7pm/show 8pm

$13 advance/$15 door

Rock & Roll Hotel

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We Love Music: Penguin Prison @ Rock & Roll Hotel, 5/19/2012

photo by Jason Coile

Last week We Love DC guest writer Jonathan Druy interviewed Chris Glover of Penguin Prison, and Saturday night he attended the Penguin Prison show at Rock & Roll Hotel. Check out his review of the show below!

By the time the unabashedly glamorous electro-pop opener Class Actress had finished, the packed, rowdy house at Rock & Roll Hotel late Saturday night was ready for Penguin Prison to come out and give them more. When Chris Glover and his three bandmates took the stage, they looked more like an indie-rock band – besides the two rows of keys, Glover sports a guitar and a leather jacket. Their brand of infectious, melodic electro-dance-pop can’t be as easy to swing as they made it look, but having been on tour as long as they have, it’s no wonder they delivered a slick, flawless, crowd-pleasing show. Once they opened with “Golden Train”, one of his best songs, Glover’s skilled voice didn’t falter throughout the set, and most of the show was a faithful live version of songs from their self-titled album. In addition, he sang the breezy new “Hollywood”, a collaboration with the remix artist RAC, and peaked with a cover of Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans”, in which Glover, who’d been using his guitar mostly as a rhythm backup the entire night, busted out with a confident guitar solo. Since the dancing had been pretty much non-stop for the last hour, the crowd had probably earned the encore, as Penguin Prison closed the night with “Multi-Millionaire”.

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Q&A with Chris Glover of Penguin Prison

photo courtesy of Penguin Prison

We Love DC’s guest writer Jonathan Druy had a chance to talk to Chris Glover, who records under the name Penguin Prison. Check out his interview below!

While multi-instrumentalist Chris Glover has been remixing under the name Penguin Prison for a few years now, playing with the music of Lana Del Rey, Kylie Minogue, Kimbra, Marina and the Diamonds, and Goldfrapp, it is also the name of his electronic-pop outfit, hailing from the Brooklyn that gave us LCD Soundsystem, DFA records, bands like Holy Ghost!, Light Asylum and a host of others. Glover sings catchy, infectious, and lyrical pop songs over his own production, which draws inspiration from classic and Nu Disco as well as the French House of the last ten years. It falls squarely into the kind of indie-dance territory fans of Friendly Fires, Miike Snow, LCD, Hot Chip, Cut Copy, and Junior Boys are going to immediately recognize.

Penguin Prison is sort of a next phase in this realm, flirting with mainstream, and not in a bad way. The music is not compromised by its catchiness, because the hooks are good and the grooves are deep. Glover’s a straightforward and stylish vocalist and a sometimes expressionistic lyricist, but has the looks and charisma to pull off a kind of indie-dance Timberlake vibe. The video for one of his album’s several great singles, “Don’t Fuck With My Money”, shot in gritty black and white last year, shows Glover singing against the backdrop of New York City’s Occupy protest. It’s an odd juxtaposition – pretty-boy crooner, electro-pop, citizen activism – he pulls it off with a coolness and unique spirit. Continue reading

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Q&A with Electric Guest

photo courtesy of Electric Guest

I have been a fan of Matthew Compton for probably fourteen years now. (When I first knew him, and until recently, I knew him as “Cornbread”, but he now goes by Matthew.) I saw his band Engine Down play house shows when I was first at James Madison University, and from the first time seeing them, his hypnotic and powerful drumming captivated me and really stood out. In subsequent years I got to know and became friends (and housemates for a couple years) with Matthew, and my admiration has only ever grown. He’s a creative force to be reckoned with, and has always had this amazing drive and ambition, with whatever he’s doing , but especially music. On top of that, he has a super, ever-present sense of humor.  It’s hard to interact with him and not laugh.

So…I reconnected with Matthew about a year ago, after losing touch for some time. He was living in LA, and told me he was working on a new project, a band called Electric Guest, with a musician friend named Asa Taccone. Singer Asa Taccone is a driven creative force as well- his musical accomplishments include writing for TV (see: Family Guy episode “Hot Tub of Love”) and contributing/collaborating with comedy group The Lonely Island (of which his brother Jorma is a member.) Asa wrote the hilarious holiday classic “Dick In a Box“, performed by Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg on SNL. Last summer the band only had a couple songs up on a bandcamp website for public ears, but upon first listen I loved it. It is a far cry from the brooding, post-hardcore Engine Down music. Electric Guest’s songs are soul-tinged, sunny, groovy, lighter, but inspired.

Since then the duo has been on fire- they played some super shows at last fall’s CMJ, have been touring the US and Europe, have a full-length album that came out last week, produced by Danger Mouse (a long-time friend of Taccone’s), stormed SXSW, and are charging full-steam ahead into the summer touring and gearing up for festival season. They’ll be making a stop in DC on Saturday, May 5th at the Rock and Roll Hotel. Amidst their super-busy tour schedule they were kind enough to answer a few questions for the We Love DC readers. Continue reading

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We Love Music: Hayes Carll @ Rock & Roll Hotel, 7/23/11

courtesy of Hayes Carrl.

Hayes Carll plays country music I can get into. Last Saturday he turned the Rock & Roll Hotel into a honky tonk for the night when he and his band The Poor Choices brought their foot-stompin’ blend of country, bar-room rock & twangy folk to the stage. Texas native Carll and his gang are on US tour right now in support of his fourth studio album “KMAG, YOYO (& Other American Stories) “, released in February of this year on Lost Highway Records.

Hayes Carll packed the house, playing to a sold-out crowd of very enthusiastic Washingtonians. Cowboy boots and even a few cowboy hats were in the house (not onstage), though I wouldn’t say the audience looked particularly “country”. Country or not, they were clearly excited and into the music of the evening. Carll started off his set on a mild note with the quiet, twangy “The Letter,” from his latest album “KMAG, YOYO.” He and the band were just warming up, though. Things sped up a little for “Wild As A Turkey”, from his album “Trouble In Mind.” The song showcased his humorous, sometime self-deprecating lyrics, and warbling vocal style.
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We Love Music: Cibo Matto @ Rock & Roll Hotel, 7/19/11

photos by Santiago Gamboa.

New York based duo Cibo Matto  brought girl-powered grooves to a full house at the Rock & Roll Hotel last Tuesday night. After a ten year hiatus Japanese ex-pats Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori reunited earlier this year to play a benefit show alongside Yoko Ono, Sonic Youth and Mike Patton for the victims of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Soon after they announced their US reunion tour, “Yeah Basically Cibo Matto”, as well as plans for a new album.

Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori came onstage to a room full of cheering fans and looked happy to be there. They started their set off with the dreamy/funky/jazzy “Beef Jerky,” from their debut album “Viva La Woman”. The duo had the audience jumping and shouting along right away to the quirky chorus “Who cares? I don’t care! A horse’s ass is better than yours!” The mood of fun and funk was set and remained throughout the show.

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Hot Ticket: Hayes Carll @ Rock & Roll Hotel, 7/23/2011

Texas native Hayes Carll brings his special blend of folk-tinged, quirky, alt-country/rock to the Rock & Roll Hotel this Saturday night. Carll’s laid-back southern drawl pairs well with quick-witted lyrics and an upbeat country sound. His songs range from banjo-pickin’ twangy ballads like “Bottle in My Hand” to the quick-fire lyrical rocking assault of “KMAG YOYO“, which sounds like an updated version of Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues“. 

He is on US tour now in support of his fourth studio album, “KMAG YOYO” which was released by Lost Highway Records in February of this year. 

Hayes Carll
w/Scott Miller
@Rock & Roll Hotel
7/23 – 7pm

The Daily Feed

Hot Ticket: Fucked Up @ Rock & Roll Hotel, 6/27/11

photo by Michael Darpino

First, it’s worth noting that, given their band name, Fucked Up never would have made it 20 years ago. You know, back when you discovered music by listening to corporate radio. I can just imagine all the record execs sitting around, begging Fucked Up to change their name. “Wal-Mart will never carry it!”, they’d say. Nowadays, perhaps due to the internet’s outsized role in music distribution and promotion, it’s barely even remarkable to curse in your band name. Maybe Cee-lo Green cleared the way for profanity-laden band names everywhere? Hell, even artists like Britney Spears and Katy Perry can get away with using single entendres these days without pissing off the censorship crew.

Also without the internet, maybe you wouldn’t know about Fucked Up‘s show on Monday night at the Rock and Roll Hotel. (You’re welcome.) Fucked Up has gotten a lot of buzz, from winning Canadian music awards to scoring a glowing review in Pitchfork for their new album “David Comes to Life”. Said album is a sprawling rock opera, if you will. I’m not really prone to dig into ‘concept albums’, but I’ll tell you this: Fucked Up bring a fistful of punk attitude to what are essentially upbeat rock songs. The massive, noisy guitar melodies are so pleasant that they counterbalance the singer’s growly demeanor, producing something that sounds like the bastard child of The Hold Steady and Black Flag. Mix in a female vocalist, and there’s something for everyone to appreciate.

Garage rockers Jeff the Brotherhood (check this trippy video for a taste) and psychedelic punks Regents open the show. Will people get rowdy and mosh? Or will they sing along with huge grins? Find out Monday.

(Editor’s note: I caught Fucked Up at ATP 2010 and based on what I saw there, I vehemently endorse this show!)

Fucked Up

w/ Jeff the Brotherhood, Regents
Monday, June 27, 2011
Rock and Roll Hotel

The Daily Feed

Hot Ticket: J Roddy Walston & The Business @ Rock & Roll Hotel, 5/12/11

On Wednesday night, Baltimore rockers J Roddy Walston & The Business play the final date of their 4-week residency at Rock & Roll Hotel. Former We Love DC music critic and founder of DC Rock Live, David Hintz describes J Roddy Walston & The Business’ sound as “real honky-tonk fun that is hard not to enjoy…for Americana/rock’n’roll fans”.

Live music residencies can be tricky things for bands to pull off successfully. A string of shows in the same venue can be an endurance test for a band and an audience. For the band the test is making each performance unique enough to rise above appearing as a simple house band. For the audience it is a question of how much exposure to the same band is too much. Residencies are usually either triumphs or abject failures, there is minimal middle ground for a band to play it safe on.

It is a showing of confidence for J Roddy Walston & The Business to book this residency. Even more so when research online reveals that they are doing similar residencies in other cities too. Everything I have heard about this band is that they are straight ahead rockers that bring the party like nobody’s business. Word on the street about their shows over the past 3-weeks at the Hotel is that they are tearing the place apart every time. I highly recommend checking this one out. J Roddy Walston & The Business’ final residency show is going to be a blow-out bash.

J Roddy Walston & The Business
@ Rock & Roll Hotel
5/11/11 – 8pm

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We Love Music: Smith Westerns @ Rock & Roll Hotel, 3/4/11

courtesy of Smith Westerns.

It was another sold out show at Rock & Roll Hotel on Friday night as the club continued its recent run of strong indie buzz-band bookings with Chicago’s Smith Westerns. Between the sold-out show downstairs and the mega-popular DJ night upstairs, there was actually quite a long line to gain entry to the club. As I stood in the pleasant evening air, waiting to get inside, I could not help but overhear the chorus of whining from the privileged and entitled who felt put-out by having to wait in a line for 10-15 minutes. I didn’t hear a single person talking about the band most of us were there to see.* This was a bad sign that foretold of an audience more interested in talking rather than in actually listening to the music we had paid to see.

Once inside, the audience did indeed talk through most of the opening set by O.M.U., which is a shame because they are a fun band with some pretty great guitar playing. Duing Smith Westerns’ set, the drunken crowd switched from talking to sloppily singing along. This was a welcome change in audience behavior and indicated Smith Westerns’ surprising mainstream appeal. Their set was a mix of inventive indie-rock and platitude-filled, teen romance anthems. While I enjoyed the majority of their set, I was left with the distinct impression that Smith Westerns are a band at a crossroads.

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We Love Music: White Rabbits @ Rock & Roll Hotel, 2/27/11

courtesy of White Rabbits.

Sunday night might have belonged to the Oscars but those that stopped by Rock & Roll Hotel weren’t paying attention. White Rabbits were in town to end a week-long mini-tour of the northeast and showcased their dual (sometimes triple) percussion attack. The band is currently recording a new album and used the show to preview some of that material. It was a gutsy move (they could have easily lost their audience during those moments) but it paid off as the new songs sounded good and the band rewarded the audience’s patience with a strong finale to the whole affair.

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We Love Music: Braids / Baths @ Rock & Roll Hotel, 2/11/11

all “Baths” photos by author.

The show on Friday night at Rock & Roll Hotel was a perfect illustration of three concert going phenomenon that I don’t really get to experience that often. Two pleasant, the third not so much. So this review will be coming from that perspective.

First, I rarely see bands that I don’t already know something about; on the occasions that I do, I am rarely impressed by what I see and hear. So I was quite happy by the pleasant surprise offered by Braids. Second, I try not to get overly excited about seeing a new band with a phenomenal debut recording. I try to keep my live expectations at a reasonable level because, frankly, I have been burned by too many bands that are great in the studio but haven’t figured out their live performance just yet.* But with Baths and his album “Cerulean”, I just could not help myself. Third, while I was enjoying the show I had the unpleasant experience of being used as a humping post by, not one, but two under-age couples making out to such a degree that I began to worry about being splashed with bodily fluids. Gross.

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We Love Music: The Radio Dept. @ Rock & Roll Hotel, 2/1/11

Radio Dept.
all photos by Erin McCann.

On Tuesday night, bodies were packed like sweaty sardines into a very sold-out Rock & Roll Hotel to see the Swedish dream-pop trio The Radio Dept. This much anticipated show was an early date on their current U.S. tour in support of their career-spanning retrospective “Passive Aggresive”. But for most of the young audience the show was really the first chance to see The Radio Dept. since they released their excellent 2010 album “Clinging to a Scheme”. This is easily their most mainstream accessible work and it was obvious that a lot of the chatty crowd were only there to hear songs from that album. The set list featured a lot of non-album singles, a few older album tracks, and the highlights from “Clinging to a Scheme”. Unfortunately a combination of the sell-out crowd making the room very uncomfortable, early technical difficulties, audience rudeness, and a complete lack of showmanship from the band made this concert much less than the stellar, atmospheric-pop display that I was expecting.

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Hot Ticket: The Radio Dept. @ Rock & Roll Hotel, 2/1/11

The Swedish invasion continues when The Radio Dept. hit Rock & Roll Hotel on Tuesday night. These veterans of the scene emerged from the Swedish underground with their murky guitar pop and shoegazer sensibilities almost a decade ago with their critical darling debut “Lesser Matters”. It has been interesting to see this group change, regroup, and evolve over the last ten years; as they have moved away from guitars and more towards synthesizers and keyboards. Not without hitting a few critical speed-bumps along the way, I might add.

The Radio Dept. sort of stunned people then when they emerged last year with their best album yet. “Clinging to a Scheme” put The Radio Dept. back on everyone’s radar with its masterful mix of guitar and synthesizers. On the heels of their new found critical success, The Radio Dept. have released “Passive Aggressive”, a two-disc career retrospective that illustrates the evolution of their sound perfectly. Comparing any two sonic points in the band’s career shows that dedication to atmosphere and texture has been their main modus operandi all along. Whatever instruments they use, The Radio Dept. are going to make layered, beautiful sounds with them.

Joining The Radio Dept. in this celebration of all things fuzzed and feedback drenched is San Francisco shoegazers Young Prisms. This is concert is going to be one robust feast for the ears.

The Radio Dept.
w/ Young Prisms
@ Rock & Roll Hotel
8pm – 2/1/11
advance $12, door $14

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We Love Music: Archivists/Fluorescent Sense/Southern Problems @ the Rock & Roll Hotel, 1/28/11

Rock & Roll Hotel’s upstairs bar was packed with the usual Friday night denizens dancing away to the predictable throbbing drumbeats of the hired DJ. The downstairs bar was the place to be for rock music fans wanting to catch three fine, up-and-coming, local DC bands displaying their original songs and rock musical acumen. Archivists were headlining tonight, but on a good local bill like this, all three bands were given a full chance to provide a set of their original music to fans, friends, and people wanting to have something more than just a DJ’s beat with their buzz. And Archivists, Fluorescent Sense and Southern Problems delivered the goods.

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The Daily Feed

Hot Ticket: Archivists @ Rock & Roll Hotel 1/28/11

‘Archivists’ by Betsy Quilligan.

Rock & Roll Hotel has turned over their excellent stage to some of the many outstanding local bands for several Friday night shows. Continuing this week, they present the Archivists who have a great take on the indie rock sound. Their two guitar line-up offers up everything from angular indie Americana-rock to flat out garage rockers. Also on the bill are local indie-rockers Fluorescent Sense and Southern Problems.

We are blessed with many excellent high quality bands in the Washington DC area. To be able to get three of them together on one of the nicest stages in Washington DC on a Friday night for $10? Well, that’s an affordable hot ticket that allows you to bring along a date plus buy a great dinner all for under the price of one ticket from Neil Young’s last tour. While it is unlikely that any of these bands will reach the heights of Neil Young, they will certainly be entertaining. And if one of them does reach those heights? Well, will you ever have a great story for your children!

w/ Fluorescent Sense & Southern Problems
@ Rock & Roll Hotel