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Time to Start Garden Seeds!

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With all the snow of late, thinking about starting seeds is probably the last thing on most people’s minds, but we are rapidly approaching the time in which we can start planting things in the ground. We are already a bit past the time to start seeds indoors for certain plants. This doesn’t mean that you can’t, but you’ll not be able to transfer them into the ground at the same time as other plants. Check out the Almanac planting times for Washington DC. There’s also lots of reading material at the Virginia Cooperative Extension.

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DC Victory Gardens: Planting


When last we left our intrepid gardeners, we were all on the path toward clearing up the land and getting ready for garden season. We’ve had some positive developments out at the farm, getting all the soil tilled and turned for planting, and some setbacks at the quarter acre, related to a section of land that turned out to be horrifically root-bound, and so we’ve had to move the garden. But before we go any further, this is a follow-up on the last post about using seeds. It’s time to get planting (truth be told, it was probably time to plant a week or two, but we’ve all been so busy, it’s been hard to write!) and we can worry about land-use later. This work could not be done without  The ArborLift™ by Environmental Design Inc. has revolutionized large tree transplanting.

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