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Passive Aggressive Notes About Parking Spaces

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Now that the snow is melting and parking on streets is becoming easier by the day, we’re seeing fewer spaces marked with chairs or tables.  Sure, if you spend hours digging out a parking space, it’s understandable that you’d want it to be there when you return, and you’d be angry if someone else parked there.  But this collection of snow parking passive aggressive notes (including a few from the DC area) is just ridiculous.

Here’s hoping that the melting snow and eventual thaw will mellow people out a bit.

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Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

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‘Shoveling out The Blizzard’
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If you’ve got some extra time this week, grab a shovel and head outside– area governments need help in clearing snow from bus stops and sidewalks.  The folks over at Greater Greater Washington organized shovel brigades over the weekend to clear the way for people who walk or take transit (since snow plows often push snow into sidewalks while they’re clearing the roads).  The District is encouraging neighborhoods to organize shoveling teams, especially on routes used by school children, and in Alexandria neighborhoods banded together to clear the way to schools.

While DDOT continues to focus on clearing the roads, it looks like it’s up to us residents to clear sidewalks, bus stops, and bike lanes for everyone else.  And don’t forget to dig out fire hydrants!

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Surviving the Next Snowpocalypse

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The DC area, this weekend, was something of a post-apocalyptic landscape. Driving down 395 on Saturday, one would have seen abandoned cars spun out at odd angles and their stranded drivers trudging towards some nameless help. Most residents stayed holed up in their homes, living off of the provisions they had dutifully stocked the day before. Basic commodities were impossible to come by and the majority of services simply shut down. As the snow storm abated, DC residents peered from their homes at the changed landscape, and painstakingly began the cleanup, trying to return to normality.

Ok, sure, that is a bit of an over-dramatization, but seriously, 395 did look like something out of 28 Days Later.  This snow, like any snow, threw into sharp relief how woefully unprepared DC area citizens are for wintry weather. So, as a northerner, I take it upon myself to save you all from yourselves before the next snowpocalypse.

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