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Thief! Silly Things People Steal From Restaurants

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‘Day 303/365 – French Twofer (Deux Pour?)’
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A while ago I was sitting at the bar at Stardust (RIP, I miss that place!) and the bartenders were telling my friend and I all about the people who would steal the salt and pepper shakers right off the tables. Stardust was known for quirky condiment containers, like two pigs dancing, or cactus-shaped shakers. You get the idea. And ever since that conversation I’ve been interested in whatall people steal from restaurants.

So I asked around, and behold, dear reader, a list of the ridiculous things that people steal from restaurants around DC.

The scene: Cafe Saint-Ex
Items Stolen: The bust of the Roman God Mercury, an antique three foot tall ash tray, patio plants
Jasmin Quioco, the Director of Community Outreach at Cafe Saint-Ex, reminisces, “A few years ago I was setting up for brunch and saw a guy struggling to bring in a covered object into the restaurant. When I opened the door, he said, ‘I’m really sorry, my friends and I had a few too many drinks last night and this ended up in my apartment. We love Saint-Ex and wanted to bring it back.’ They had stolen the heavy bust of Mercury that sits next to table 4.”

The scene: Whitlow’s on Wilson
Item Stolen: Harry S. Truman
Manny Fliakas, General Manger of Whitlow’s, remembers, “Last year, I received a manila envelope with no return address and inside was a framed picture of Harry S. Truman. We had this picture on the wall by the main bar and it was stolen four years prior. The letter attached stated that the individual who stole it was cleaning out their house and preparing to move when they came across the picture. They apologized for their childish actions and assured me they had become a better person.”

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DC Crafts: Find Of The Day

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‘OG #4’
courtesy of ‘Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie’

The general consensus of my friends and coworkers is that this week has been a long, hot, and sleep deprived week. And today’s US v. Slovenia result did nothing to help liven the mood. Perhaps, although it’s only June, we’ve already entered the dog days of summer?

In an effort to prevent some reverse-seasonal effect disorder, I’m pulling out a secret lucky duck mood ring made by Washington DC master architect celula. It’s cute, bright, happy and perhaps might bring you and the US Men’s team some luck.