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Fed Closed AGAIN!

Photo courtesy of
‘The White House’
courtesy of ‘william couch’

OPM has announced that the Fed is closed for a nearly unprecedented fourth day in a row.  The last time the government shut down for more than 2 days was for the blizzard of 1996, when employees were instructed not to report for an entire week (also the record for longest closure).  We’ll see if the fed decides to open for business on Friday.  I’d like to think that they’ll be able to, but God only knows, at this point.

The Features, Weekend Flashback

Snowpocalypse Flashback: 12/18 – 12/20/2009

Photo courtesy of
‘Great Blizzard of ’09’
courtesy of ‘pixelmasseuse’

Snowpocalypse! Amazingly, several of our intrepid area photogs got out and about over the weekend and captured some fantastic shots of our area under nearly two feet of snow. (Yes, I’m jealous. A little.) So while most of us lounge around on our ‘enforced’ day off today, reminisce of our winter wonderland ‘event’ while sipping hot cocoa and listening to holiday music.

You don’t even have to go outside!

And if you have any snow photos from the weekend you want to share, make sure you drop them in our WeLoveDC Flickr pool!

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