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We Love Music: Switchfoot at 918 F Street

Photo by Nicholas Donner Photography

If I had the ability to create an award for the “Best Hidden Treasure Venue in D.C. to See Live Music” then it’d have to go to Living Social‘s 918 F Street. It combines the intimacy of a speakeasy with crystal clear acoustics to make way for one of the most creative spaces for live music in town. An intimate crowd of 200 fans opted-in to a Living Social deal featuring an exclusive Switchfoot acoustic performance from the Grammy Award winning band on Friday June 1 complete with a post-concert meet and greet option for a higher ticket price to a limited amount of fans.

Frontman Jon Foreman and his fellow bandmates made it a point throughout the night to emphasize the fact that the evening’s performance special. It was apparently a throwback to their earlier days back when Foreman, his brother/bassist Tim, and drummer Chad Butler were a three-piece band playing fraternity parties. While the show wasn’t quite a frat party, it did have a laid back feel. It might’ve been the fact that Switchfoot calls San Diego, Ca. home. It also could’ve been a direct result of the room’s floor plan. I’ll venture to guess it’s somewhere in between the two. Continue reading

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Sometimes You Really Want to Rock Some Switchfoot

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courtesy of ‘hopes_unbroken’

I have a new motto for craigslist – “Where Time Goes to Die.” Browsing through the musicians section on a personal equipment quest I found the following gem: SWITCHFOOT cover band. (Fairfax area).

Hello there. I’m looking for some fellow musicians and switchfoot fans to get together with and jam out. I’m a drummer so we’ll need to find 1+ electric guitarists, vocals, bassist, and possibly a keyboardist. Please be familiar with the music. You don’t need to know any specific parts for now or even play the songs exactly the same, but I’m a big fan of their music and you should be too.

This leads to all sorts of questions, most of them involving determining how somebody rocks out to Switchfoot (for all intents and purposes, they’re just the Non-Canadian Nickelback). Now, show me a Fastball cover band, I’m all for it. Until then, a word of warning to craigslisters: being too specific in your ad may just lead to stuff like me finding it and posting it for the good of the peanut gallery.