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FEMA To Redraw DC Flood Maps

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‘Potomac River Floods Washington Harbour’
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Yesterday, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced , they’d be revising flood maps for Washington, D.C. over the next six months.  Per FEMA’s flood map database, the most recent DC flood maps are from 1985, so I’d say DC is in good need of some updating.

The maps help local officials and residents identify known flood risks, and assist in making insurance and development decisions. Maps are updated, per Congressional guidance and direction, to provide communities with solid information on how to mitigate and insure against the risks posed by floods.

DC home and business owners who purchase flood insurance should talk with their local insurance agent to discuss how revised flood maps may affect their options and rates. More information on flood insurance is available at

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Real World Update 2

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A week after the original projection for the RW cast move in date, there’s still no sign of them.  The house looks like it’s more or less ready to go.  I stopped by on Saturday and there was some minor construction happening inside, but the exterior of the house looked to be in ship-shape; there was even a grill and patio set out on the porch.  There hasn’t been any official word on when the cast will arrive, but I suspect that it’ll be some time this week.  I’m betting that MTV wants to have them in before the 4th so that they can get some nice, iconic shots of fireworks over the monuments.  We’ll have to wait and see, though.

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Real World Update

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The Real World watch has officially begun.  Word on the street was that filming was supposed to begin this weekend, but it looks like that the actual date may be a bit later.  I swung by the RW house on Saturday to try to catch a glimpse of the incoming cast, but found that the building was still in the final stages of renovation.  From all appearances, furniture was being brought in and the final touches were being put on the aesthetics.  We’ll have to wait and see when the soon to be drunken co-eds officially arrive, unless they managed to sneak in yesterday. 

In the mean time, WaPo’s “Going Out Gurus” have compiled a handy list of Real World friendly bars for all of us to avoid.  Cobalt, Russia House, the Shadow Room and Town make the list, along with a few others.  Take note and beware.