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RWDC Live Blog Resumes

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‘The Real World DC House’
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Well, the Olympics are over and I have no excuse: the RWDC Live Blog will resume again, tonight.  Be here at 9:45 with a drink in hand to mock the strangeness of those real folks that drank and grinded (ground?) their way around or city this summer.  Is this voyeuristic? Yes.  Can I wait for it to end? No.

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‘MTV’s “Real World” House in DC for 2010’
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Are you an art collector searching for a few “as seen on realty TV” pieces? Do you love MTV’s sense of interior design so much that you wish to emulate it in your own home? Well, you’re in luck, because Gallery Plan B is hosting a two day event during which you can purchase some of the artwork displayed in the Real World DC house! Starting Staurday, the pieces are on sale at Plan B’s 14th St. location.  They’re even hosting a reception with the artists on the 6th.  So, if anything jumped out at you during your religious watching on the RWDC, get yourself to Plan B to lay your hands on it.

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We Love DC Does Real World DC: Episode 3

Join us starting at 9:45pm tonight for a live blog with DC’s finest as we discuss the RWDC shenanigans as they happen – with the finest snark and commentary money can buy. Comments from the public are encouraged but are moderated. Not all comments will get displayed during the live blog…but keep the good ones coming!

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Real World DC Drinking Game!

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And now, to make our Real World viewing experience more enjoyable, I present the RWDC drinking game that I promised last week.  I envision this game developing as the season goes on and we get to know the characters a bit better.  For now, though, I think that this should get us through the next episode.  And, since it’s Wednesday, it’s perfectly legitimate to interpret “drink” as “sip.” The rules are after the break. Enjoy!

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Real World Live Blog Tonight!

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More live blogging is coming your way, this evening, for episode two of the Real World: DC.  Last week, we had 200 people tune in and it was the bomb .  So, please join us right here on the WLDC main page at 10pm for more “real life.” Oh, and be sure to have drinks in hand.  It makes the Real World so much better.

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Truth or Panda? Real World Suddenly Watchable

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‘MTV’s “Real World” House in DC for 2010’
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Hey, you! Admit it. Just admit it. Your wildest dreams came true at precisely 10:00pm Wednesday night. That’s when MTV aired the world premiere of Real World DC. The District, The USA and the whole freaking world became a better place to live when those 8 strangers got their TV debut and showed the world what the real DC is really all about. But instead of ranting about their intelligence, likability and downright sincerity, I’m here to tell you why the premiere absolutely rocked. It rocked because We Love DC has the best readers on earth and they joined us for a live blogging chat session to discuss the going-ons of the incredibly entertaining first episode, the always beloved after-show and, perhaps the BEST part, the amazing MTV show previews and tasteful commercials (Trojan makes what?).

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RWDC Drinking Game

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Currently, my cohorts and I are live blogging the Real World and have come to the unanimous conclusion that this season will be impossible to get through sans alcohol.  So, dear readers, it has fallen to me to create a drinking game.  Unfortunately, in the course of watching the Real World, my mind imploded, so I need your help in devising said game.  What are your suggestions?

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Real World DC Debuts Wednesday

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‘MTV’s “Real World” House in DC for 2010’
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The time has come — the Real World DC makes its television debut THIS Wednesday! Who’s excited? I know I can’t possibly be the only one.

For those of you who are as stoked as myself but aren’t into hosting your own viewing party, we’ve got a couple of alternatives to offer. First: Nellie’s Sports Bar is hosting a Real World DC Watch Party Wednesday night at 10 p.m.

They’ve even got a clever tag attached: “Watch at Nellie’s to see what happened at Nellie’s!”

Not into the Nellie’s scene? That’s okay. There are other viewing parties.

UPDATE (12/29, 10:50 a.m.): The Washingtonian announced one more Real World DC “party” for Wednesday night. Ring in the after-hours lovin’  with cast member Mike Manning at Halo in Logan Circle.

UPDATE (12/28 , 1:27 p.m.): Cast member Josh Colon is scheduled to be at the party at Tattoo Bar starting at 8 p.m. Visit NBC Washington for more information. This event DOES cost you some cash though. So if you’re willing to drop it, then go for it.

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Real World DC Trailer Released


And the second we thought they were gone…

The Real World DC trailer was released. Hoorah! The standard MTV formula of drama, binge drinking, bar fights, and in-house romance are scheduled for this season’s messy rendition of the original reality television show.

8 strangers, 1 house, what a mess. Is it bad that I find immense comfort in the fact that this stuff is hilarious? I think not! It’s been 20 plus years. They would’ve shelved the Real World if it wasn’t good by now — right?

Season 23 premieres Dec. 30 at 10 pm. Get ready, it’s gonna be a wild and trashy joyride you don’t want to miss.

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Real World Casting in DC

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‘MTV’s “Real World” House in DC for 2010’
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It looks like MTV and the Real World just couldn’t get enough of DC.  Even though the cast may have left town, Real World producers are coming back to DC to look for the next stars of the 24th (!) season. The District is the last stop on their tour, so if you’ve always wanted to be one of the seven strangers picked to live in a loft (and you’re 18-24), now is your chance! An open casting call will be held at Town Tavern in Adams Morgan on Saturday, November 7th from 10-5.  Come with a recent photo and an ID.  And if you can’t make it Saturday, you can always send in a five-minute casting tape.

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Real World Infiltrates WLDC Hangout

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‘Science Club’
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According to @RealWorldDCNewz, our favorite group of “real” co-eds has discovered the host of WLDC staff meetings and happy hours, the Science Club. The Real Worlders stopped in at the establishment for drinks last night, but it is unclear how long they stayed.  The long term effects, mostly “will they be back, and if so, when?” have yet to be seen.

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Real World Move In Pt. 2

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Considering the false alarm from earlier this week, you can take this report for what it’s worth: @Realworlddcnewz says that RW cast members are moving in right.  Supposedly, a pair of good looking, 20 somethings was seen bringing bags into the house at 2000 S St.  I’ll be heading down that way in a few hours to confirm, but for now you’ll have to rely on twitter or go down and see for yourself.

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Real World Cast Arrives

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The Twittersphere (Lord, forgive me for using that word) tells us that the cast of Real World DC is currently arriving in the city.  @RealWorldDCNewz is reporting that members of the cast are currently flying into Reagan National and that MTV film crews are there to meet them.  WLDC will have people at the RW house shortly to gather some more information and try to confirm these reports.

Follow our onsite reporter on twitter @nathanmart and check back here for updates.

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Real World Update 2

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A week after the original projection for the RW cast move in date, there’s still no sign of them.  The house looks like it’s more or less ready to go.  I stopped by on Saturday and there was some minor construction happening inside, but the exterior of the house looked to be in ship-shape; there was even a grill and patio set out on the porch.  There hasn’t been any official word on when the cast will arrive, but I suspect that it’ll be some time this week.  I’m betting that MTV wants to have them in before the 4th so that they can get some nice, iconic shots of fireworks over the monuments.  We’ll have to wait and see, though.

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Real World Update

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The Real World watch has officially begun.  Word on the street was that filming was supposed to begin this weekend, but it looks like that the actual date may be a bit later.  I swung by the RW house on Saturday to try to catch a glimpse of the incoming cast, but found that the building was still in the final stages of renovation.  From all appearances, furniture was being brought in and the final touches were being put on the aesthetics.  We’ll have to wait and see when the soon to be drunken co-eds officially arrive, unless they managed to sneak in yesterday. 

In the mean time, WaPo’s “Going Out Gurus” have compiled a handy list of Real World friendly bars for all of us to avoid.  Cobalt, Russia House, the Shadow Room and Town make the list, along with a few others.  Take note and beware.