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RWDC Live Blog Resumes

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‘The Real World DC House’
courtesy of ‘alifayre’

Well, the Olympics are over and I have no excuse: the RWDC Live Blog will resume again, tonight.  Be here at 9:45 with a drink in hand to mock the strangeness of those real folks that drank and grinded (ground?) their way around or city this summer.  Is this voyeuristic? Yes.  Can I wait for it to end? No.

The Daily Feed

Truth or Panda? Real World Suddenly Watchable

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‘MTV’s “Real World” House in DC for 2010’
courtesy of ‘dbking’

Hey, you! Admit it. Just admit it. Your wildest dreams came true at precisely 10:00pm Wednesday night. That’s when MTV aired the world premiere of Real World DC. The District, The USA and the whole freaking world became a better place to live when those 8 strangers got their TV debut and showed the world what the real DC is really all about. But instead of ranting about their intelligence, likability and downright sincerity, I’m here to tell you why the premiere absolutely rocked. It rocked because We Love DC has the best readers on earth and they joined us for a live blogging chat session to discuss the going-ons of the incredibly entertaining first episode, the always beloved after-show and, perhaps the BEST part, the amazing MTV show previews and tasteful commercials (Trojan makes what?).

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