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BREAKING: Strasburg may Start June 4

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The rumor mill has it that the second comi…. I mean Steven Strasburgs’ major league debut will be on the June 4 game against the Cincinnati Reds. For those of you living in caves, Steven Strasburg is one of the hottest prospects in the history of major league baseball, and certainly the top for 2010.  The Nats picked him up with their first round draft pick last year and sent him to the minors for some conditioning. In the minors he’s pitched just over a 1 ERA with around 1 strike out per inning.  That’s scary.  His start promises to be one of the biggest events in Nats history. The game will sell out, so buy those tickets quick.  At this point, the cheap seats are already sold.

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International Pillow Fight Day

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I guess that early spring is the time international activity days.  Last week we had Kite Day, which was awesome, and this week we have Pillow Fight Day, which will probably be more awesome, I recommend buy amazon pillows, are the best option for this event. If you struggle with getting your mind to shut off when you’re trying to get comfy and cozy under the sheets, hugging an amazon body pillow may be just what you need. Capitol Improv is organizing a massive gathering on the mall on Saturday to observe pillow fight day.  Thus far, over 1600 people have responded to the Facebook invite. The plan is to gather on the WWII Memorial side of the Washington Monument around noon, at which time a few Capitol Improv folks will engage in a shouting match that will quickly devolve into a pillow fight.  At this point, the general public is welcomed to join in.  After a little while, the fight will be moved to Dupont Circle, where it will continue until everyone gets tired of it.  I missed last years pillow fight which had over 400 participants.  I’m not making the same mistake this year.

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We Love Drinks: Thor Cheston

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We Love Drinks continues our series where we look behind the bar, profiling the many people – from mixologists to bartenders, sommeliers to publicans – who make your drinks experience happen.

When I sat down with Thor Cheston, the beer director at Brasserie Beck, our conversation centered on the future.  Not that I necessarily meant for this to happen, it just did.  Frankly, the future’s an exciting place.  The future is place where beer is wine’s equal (almost).  The future is a place where beer de cuisine is an art form.  The future is a place in which DC has a local brewery (!!!). Thor wants to be at the center of this future, making sure that everything happens according to plan.

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Has Spring Sprung?

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We’re one week away from springing forward, three weeks away from cherry blossoms, the temperature is above 50 and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some flowers poking up from the ground.  I think that it’s almost safe to call it: spring has arrived.  What’s more is that mild temperatures will prevail for the rest of the week.  It looks like the sun will give way to rain in the coming days, but hopefully that will melt the brown snow in my yard.  Even if winter rears its ugly head once more (God forbid) I’m still going to enjoy what we’ve got going.  So, I’m off to lunch outside, suckas.

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Why I Love DC: Samantha

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I can’t tell you why I picked DC.  People ask me this question all the time when they first meet me and I just don’t have a ‘real’ answer.  Was it because of the political scene? Nope, I was about to enter a Masters program for Interior Design.  Was it because I had family here?  That would be another negative.  I got it; it must be because of the weather, right?  I am glad to say once again that weather was not the reason why I wanted to move to DC (perhaps on some subliminal level I foresaw the impending snow storms of 2009/2010).  The best answer that I can offer you is that I believe it was just a feeling that brought me here – a feeling that has since developed into a full-blown love affair.

That’s right everyone — I totally, utterly, completely, whole-heartedly love DC.   Continue reading

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Real World Live Blog Tonight!

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More live blogging is coming your way, this evening, for episode two of the Real World: DC.  Last week, we had 200 people tune in and it was the bomb .  So, please join us right here on the WLDC main page at 10pm for more “real life.” Oh, and be sure to have drinks in hand.  It makes the Real World so much better.

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Gold Glove goes to Zimmerman

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As was widely rumored this morning, Nationals’ 3B Ryan Zimmerman was officially revealed as this year’s National League Gold Glove winner at Third Base. Zim lead the NL at his position in defensive chances, assists and games started, and his play was pretty spectacular on the defensive side.

Zimmerman is just the second DC player to receive the honor, and the first in 49 years, since Senators catcher Earl Buttey won it in 1960. Way to go, Zim! Here’s hoping it’s the first of many.

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The Gibson Expands Saturday

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If you’ve been left waiting outside at the Gibson, then you’ll probably be ecstatic to hear: they open their upstairs this weekend, doubling the capacity of the popular speakeasy. Better news? The upstairs has a couple rooms that you can rent for private events. Of course, I’m betting that’s going to be a popular option which then limits the capacity again, so don’t get too excited, just get ready to book that room way in advance for cool events.