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I went to lunch today with the very same coworker with whom I shared my thousand year old egg adventure took me to lunch today at Rosa Mexicano after a client visit.

Alas, I am a lightweight and therefore couldn’t enjoy a pomegranate margarita before heading back to work, but I am also a guacamole snob. Therefore, imagine my delight upon tasting guacamole that had been prepared right in front of me in a big stone bowl with a big wooden spoon. I could have had just the guacamole and chips for lunch and been happy.

Instead I had beef enchiladas with molé poblano sauce. I realize I do not seem like someone with more than a Chi-Chi’s level of familiarity with Mexican cuisine, but is it really necessary to ask me if I know what molé sauce is before agreeing to serve it to me? I realize it has chocolate in it, but I also realize that my lunch will not taste like beef with Hershey’s all over it.

In any case, the guacamole will someday achieve world peace, my chocolate-beef-tortilla entree was excellent, the rice was disappointing, and the black beans were too salty. Considering the rice and beans are served as sort of an afterthought to the entree, not too shabby. Now I have to find out if there are happy hour specials so I can drag my metroblogging peeps out there for margaritas and sangria.

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