Tourist Photos!

You guys are gonna love this. I can’t remember where I found it, maybe BoingBoing, but I am pleased to share… Tourist Photos! A blogger in New York and one here in DC have created a photoblog full of photos of tourons tourists, or, “people taking photos of people taking photos of people.”

How do the site’s creators know who is and is not a tourist?

We try to ensure that all photos on this site clearly indicate the individual’s tourist state. This is slightly more involved than simply snapping the out-of-town onlooker. Suitcases, fanny packs, city guides, cameras, video-cameras, and stupid t-shirts are often employed in our photos to help certify our pictures as 100% tourist.

And as a random side note, I love the Ludicorp people. When I went to visit the Flickr photostream of the DC contributor, I was greeted with the system maintenance message, “Flickr is having a massage.”

Lucky Flickr.

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