Thank you, people of DC…

I just want to thank everyone who contributed to my hour-and-a-half commute this morning (to go 7.5 miles!)

Thanks to whoever it was that jammed traffic on 395 for twice as long as usual. Nice work!

Thanks to the lady who walked out in front of my car this morning as I was leaving the intersection, completely oblivious to the fact that I had to swerve to avoid her as she bopped along to whatever was on her iPod.

Also, I can’t forget to thank the pedestrians at 14th and K and 20th and L who think that a green turning arrow is the same as a walk signal, and who look at me like I’m the idiot for trying to get through the intersection while they have the “Don’t Walk” signal.

And of course there are the scores of truck drivers who decide that rush hour is the perfect time to stop in a lane of traffic, turn on their blinkers, and leave their trucks for god-knows-how-long. Trying to merge into the next lane, which is as congested as the one I’m in, to get around those huge, traffic-obstructing monstrosities is one of my special joys, and when I call the companies that own the trucks, I’ll be sure to tell them how much love I have for their drivers who do this. What’s that truck ID number again?

I mustn’t forget the people who block the intersection while they have the green so they don’t have to sit through another light, and then get stuck there. This causes ME to have to sit through another light, and sometimes two or three, which gives me more time to listen to my iPod. Thanks, guys!

To all of you, the driver of the silver Passat who cut me off this morning, the guy on the bike going the wrong way on L Street, and everyone else who made my commute such a joy this morning, my heartfelt thanks. I wouldn’t have made it all the way through that Stereo MCs/Frou Frou/Madonna mashup without you this morning.

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