The reason roadside assistance is the best thing ever

So all I wanted in the world yesterday morning was to get in my car and go to work. I like my job. I was in my mental “Go-to-work” zone. I got in my car, pulled away from the curb, and noticed a vague rumbling noise from under the car, and an odd feel to the handling that I couldn’t quite identify. So I pulled over.

Well shit. I’ve got a flat.

I parked the car again and considered my options. Fortunately, Tom drove me to work instead of our usual carpool arrangement. He offered to change the tire for me too (because I can barely get my spare out of the back, much less jack up a car), but since the car was parked facing down a hill, I was less than comfortable with the idea of asking my life-partner-in-crime to get on the ground next to 2,500 pounds of steel that could shift unexpectedly off the very teeny jack on a 30% grade. Thanks, no, I value Tom’s life and personal structural integrity.

But… my certified pre-owned Beetle came with roadside assistance! Aha!

After an evening of dealing with a Volkswagen rep and a towing company rep that were dumber than a bag of hammers, a truck from King Towing in Fairfax (Fairfax? Is that the closest garage you could find, VW?) appeared around 7:30 PM. They brought a tow truck with the winch that can grip the rear wheels of a car, thus preventing it from sliding anywhere.

This is why I call professionals. They have professional equipment.

The whole thing took about half an hour, swatting at mosquitos the whole time.

And now my full-size spare is securely on the Bug and my car is once again driveable. But it’s on the right side, which is also the side I banged up a bit against a parking garage wall a few months ago. So my car looks all gimpy on the right. If you see a little green Bug matching that description, wave at me and my poor, bruised ride.

Fortunately, it’s just a very small hole in my tire, so I can fix it and reinflate it for less than $10, rather than spending hundreds of dollars getting new front tires. Maybe I’ll finally get that rubbing compound to take out the scrapes, too…

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