Opportunity cost vs. success

So my partner and I were headed back to the office after meeting a candidate at a sandwich shop for an informal interview-thing. The sun was shining, the weather was warm, and we had the windows down. Suddenly she says to me, “Wow, that guy in the next car is skeezy.”

Skeezy he was, but then he rolled up next to us at a light.

“Senoritas, buenos tardes.”

I look over and wave at Skeezy McCreepington. He smiles and says, “We’re single!” indicating his friend in the passenger seat.

I smile just as big and yell, “We’re not!”

“We are married too!”

I notice the small child in the back seat of his car as the light changes and we pull away. Wow.

But what I want to know is… are there people who actually succeed at picking up women by yelling out a car window? Like, is it like spam, where the opportunity cost is so low that it’s worth trying just for the .001% of positive responses you get? I don’t understand…

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