When Metrobloggers Get Drunk

As Wayan said, the Metroblogging DC happy hour (actually, happy FIVE hours) could totally kick the ass of whatever Drinking Liberally brings. And so that you, our dear readers, can enjoy the fun too, I present some choice quotes from our gathering last night. Quotes are presented in chronological order so that you can appreciate the cumulative effect of the alcohol consumed.

Don: I like Wegmans because you can get whatever hippie-granola-bullshit you want, but you can still get some fucking Crispix!

Wayan: Don is the manly man. He’s more manly than three of us put together.

William: How Virginian am I? I cultivated tobacco for school credit.

Tom Bridge: I got beaten up by angry Hungarian men. It was the best massage of my life.

As more and more beer was poured, conversation became increasingly…entertaining. The rest is in the extended entry for the sake of my fellow bloggers.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs
Don I had my tonsils out so I could fit a bigger giant cock down my throat. Is that what you wanted to hear, Wayan? to me, as he noticed I was taking notes: Why don’t you write about how mine are enlarged?

Wayan You wanna grab my hairy ass? What?

Don: mocking Wayan Waaah! I just want to be loved, but this endless string of supermodels I’m banging is killing me!

Wayan: If you write about my sex life on the internet, I’ll eviscerate you, because it’ll affect that sex life.

Tiffany: in response Oh, I could so take you, pretty boy.

Jenn: So, Wayan is the Marks & Spencer of sex.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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