I experienced lunch from the

I experienced lunch from the best burrito cart in the city the other day. My coworker insisted that we walk to the burrito guy at 15th and K instead of the one at 17th and K, closer to our office. This wasn’t a problem for me, since I had never been all that impressed by the burritos at 17th and K anyway.

Mmm, best street-burrito I’ve ever had. 15th & K Burrito Man has a broad range of tortilla options, two kinds of beans, three sizes of burrito, choice of regular or lite cheese, and an impressive hot sauce collection, complete with available tortilla chips for taste-testing.

Payment is done by honor system, with each burrito-fan making his or her own change. There’s a burrito loyalty-card program, and the burrito guy will make sure you remember to take your free peppermint patty on your way back to the office with your tasty lunch.

The story goes that a guy who had his burrito street-cart license from the city for 20 years wanted to retire and find someone to pass on his permit to. Very Willy Wonka, no? So he held a burrito cookoff, and awarded the permit to the maker of the best burrito. The winner, so the legend goes, is the guy who owns Pedro and Vinny’s now.

Of course, I didn’t get a chance to ask him about this, since I heard the story after we walked away with our burritos. (With guacamole. Mmm.)

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