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A little olive oil

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Last night, Tom and I attended a cooking class at Galileo taught by Chef Roberto Donna.

Let me just say that if you like to cook, this is the way to experience Galileo. It’s $100-$110/person, which is easily what you’d spend on a modest dinner anyway, they keep your wineglass filled all night, AND you get to hang out with Roberto for a few hours. And by the way, you can’t get the five-course dinner we had last night plus the ridiculous quantity of wine served for $110/person at a regular seating.

Speaking of the wine, I have to say it’s a little dangerous. I was drinking it because I was thirsty, and Maximiliano, the waiter, just kept pouring and pouring for everyone, so all of the sudden I look down at my cutting board and notice how dizzy I am, with a VERY SHARP KNIFE in my hand. I concentrated really hard on chopping those onions, let me tell you. I think by the end of it, we had each consumed about a bottle and a half of wine, including the sparkling wine served with the little plates of meat, cheese, and bread set out for participants before the class began. And for dessert? Rum-soaked sponge cake. Seriously, guys. Take a cab home after one of Roberto’s classes.

Finished Maccharoni

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The dishes themselves were a lot of fun. The theme of the class was “A Five-Course Dinner from Sicily,” and Roberto was NOT messing around. There was a wheatberry salad with tomatoes and tuna, a maccheroni al forno with layers of red and white ragu, fried zucchini, peas, and more cheese than ought to be allowed, steamed broccoli and olive salad, cod cooked with tomatoes, and of course the aforementioned rum-soaked cake with ricotta filling for dessert. Each participant gets a copy of all the recipes used in the class, but they’re written in a sort of stream-of-consciousness style by Roberto himself, so you have to pay close attention to fill in the blanks.

The new schedule for next quarter has just been posted, so be sure to reserve your spot right away. And designate a driver, okay?

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