What is WITH these people?

What is it with people in the elevator in my building? First there was the guy who made a crack about the jewelry store bag I was carrying, and when I explained that it held our wedding rings, said that June 11th is a great day to get married- his father died on that date. WTF?

This morning, a guy held the elevator door for me, and after I entered and thanked him for the courtesy, he tilted his head, looked at me, and said, “4’11″?”

I raised my eyebrow but said nothing other than, “5’0″.”

“No you’re not.”

What the hell? Should I have given him the same look and said, “Two inches?”

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Tiffany Baxendell Bridge is an Internet enthusiast and an incurable smartass. When not heckling the neighborhood political scene on Twitter, she can be found goofing off with her ukulele, Bollywood dancing, or obsessing about cult TV. She is That Woman With the Baby In the Bar.

Tiffany lives in Brookland with her husband Tom, son Charlie, and two high-maintenance cats. Read why Tiffany loves DC.

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