Heinous Acts of Incredible Stupidity

After watching some idiot plow into another idiot this morning at an intersection, I just have to ask…

You guys do know that when a traffic light is out (say, because of the storms we’re getting), you have to treat it like a four way stop?

I stopped at the light this morning and the truck to my left proceeded across the intersection, as was his right. The sedan that came up on my right didn’t stop and barrelled through the intersection as the truck was crossing. The driver of the truck was of course trying to turn into the far lane instead of the near lane like he should have, and pretty much t-boned the sedan. Good one.

And while I’m on the topic- I had some guy show up to my office a couple of days ago, 45 minutes late for an interview, and have the nerve to bitch that no one had told him that we were Metro accessible. He could have saved so much time and money! Hey asshole, we’re Downtown. EVERYTHING is metro accessible.

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