SHRMer learns an important lesson about motorcades

I had lunch today with some recruiting bloggers I’ve met through my other project, and one of them mentioned an interesting anecdote from the night before.

A recruiter in town for the SHRM conference was delayed on the sidewalk across the street from his hotel due to an oncoming motorcade. When this nasty rain we’ve been having returned with a vengeance, he decided to take his chances with the Secret Service rather than get wet. Oh, that’s a GREAT idea. Needless to say, he was promptly stopped and detained.

Here’s a hint to our out-of-town guests: DC is a great town, with lots of cool things to see and do. But this ain’t Disneyland- people actually work here, and actual heads-of-state ride through all the time. It isn’t a parade, there for your entertainment. It’s a motorcade designed for protection, and the people guarding it aren’t afraid to shoot you if they have to. There’s a reason the locals stay on the sidewalk when they’re told to, dude.

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