Homeless in DC… possibly.

Amalah had an interesting post yesterday about something she witnessed in Georgetown, and after all the flamefests we’ve had here over comments made about the homeless, I thought I’d call attention to it.

More interesting than the story (after all, who doesn’t occasionally suspect that they’re being scammed?) are the comments on the post- people who are soured on ever giving anything to the homeless because of bad experiences they’ve had, people who steadfastly continue to give because kindness is kindness, no matter how illegitimately obtained, people who have resorted to giving only food, to people who assume it’s none of their business what the homeless spend the money they’ve been given on.

What do you guys think? How do you react when a homeless person asks for money? Let’s try not to make it a flamewar- I’m interested in what you think about the situation, not what you think about people who disagree with you, mmmkay?

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