my morning dose of adrenaline

I started my commute the usual way, heading out of Fairlington toward Route 50 on Walter Reed. At Walter Reed & Four Mile Run, I continued through the intersection, because the light was green and that’s what one generally does in that case.

Some guy in a Ford (at least I think it was a Ford, but I’m not good with such things) coming down Four Mile Run on my right wasn’t paying as much attention to the lights and what one should do in response to them, because he came barrelling through the intersection doing at least 40, making no apparent effort to slow down. He missed me by about 15 feet, but the Passat to my left, which had pulled out just slightly ahead of me, wasn’t so lucky. CRASH! Bits of bumper and headlight scattered through the intersection as the cars collided.

My thought process was as follows:

2. That car just totally ran the light! It’s his fault!
3. I hope everyone is okay.
4. Wow, those Jetta commercials with the accidents are REALLY accurate.
5. Oh good, everyone seems to be walking and healthy.
6. Wow. That was almost me!
7. Better double-check that the car insurance is paid up…

So, an adrenaline-filled start to my day. And, for those of you who are wondering… our car insurance was indeed paid up, but Tom went ahead and made the next payment when I told him what had happened.

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