the Style section engages in junior high behavior

Dear Washington Post:

Look, we all know that Northern Virginia feels sort of like a different world from the the rest of Virginia (or RoVA, as you so quaintly put it). And we all know that there are serious issues dividing Northern Virginia from our neighbors to the south. And yes, we do sometimes snicker to ourselves, in our snobby East Coast hipster ways, about accents and NASCAR and things like that.

But is it necessary, really necessary, for your staff writers to get together and insult our fellow Virginians publically? How does that help the situation?

In NoVa, a lab is the family dog. In RoVa, a lab is the family meth business.

Yes, Northern Virginians are frustrated, but it’s really not helping the debate to openly mock our fellow voters. You can’t win votes from people you make fun of. Really, people. We’re not 12 anymore.

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