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Because I can’t stand listening to anything but music while I’m driving, I never hear a traffic report, or local news, while in my car. So while I had this vague understanding that streets would be closing but government employees would be staying home today (this is what happens when your alarm clock is set to NPR), I wasn’t really thinking about it as I headed into the city for work. But as I headed down 20th and crossed Pennsylvania Avenue, I started seeing DC police, in full dress uniform, lining the sidewalks on either side of the street.

Odd, I thought, I wonder what that’s-

Oh right, it’s President Ford’s funeral today.

This is where Tiff starts to shake off the holiday-weekend-haze and pay attention to the world around her.

In any case, the funeral will be over and streets will likely have reopened tonight by rush hour. But if traffic snarls anyway, relax and try to show a little respect before cursing out your fellow drivers. (That’s something I’ll be trying to remember in that situation.)

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