a new job, a light at the end of the tunnel

I’ve been quiet lately, primarily because my once-beloved job had taken a turn for the torturous and soul-sucking, so pretty much my entire experience of DC was reduced to trudging the few blocks between my office and my garage, thinking, “oh god, another day of this,” and then drinking heavily with the other Metrobloggers. Not exactly the stuff of scintillating blog entries.

But I’ve gotten myself a new job, which I’ll be starting soon, and so my outlook has brightened considerably. Yay! And since the pros and cons of various employment situations have been on my mind lately, I present you with:

Tiffany’s Favorite Things About Working Downtown

  • Mini parks. Every time a state street intersects a letter street and a number street at the same time, there’s a park. Some of these parks make fantastic places to eat lunch and get away from the office when the weather is nice. I missed these during the two years I worked in an office in a shopping center in Potomac.
  • Street vendors. I’m so lame that I only know what’s fashionable based on which knockoffs are being stocked at the purse vendors.
  • A sense of perspective on travel. While my family back home postpones long-desired vacations to Europe because of train bombings and liquids-on-planes scares, I know that I work near the White House. When one of the most attractive targets in the world is four blocks from your desk, you stop worrying about what could happen to you while on holiday, because hey… at least you’d be on vacation instead.

What do you like about the area where you work?

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