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As anyone who has ever gotten a new TiVo knows, the process of teaching your TiVo about your preferences to make the Suggestions feature work well can take a little time. Yesterday, based purely on our expressed enjoyment of a particular Food Network show, TiVo started recording a bunch of arts-and-crafts type programs.

As Tom raised the remote to start deleting them, I noticed that the first program on the list was “The Joy of Painting.” “Stop!” I yelled. “Is that Bob Ross?”

It so totally was. And since I had a crap day at work yesterday, Tom humored me and we watched a full half-hour of happy little trees, each with a friend, and listened to Bob tell us, “It’s your world, so you can have whatever you want.”

Bob Ross died in 1995, but the company that bears his name is based in Sterling, VA, continuing to sell Bob’s paints and promote his “wet-on-wet” painting technique. The early episodes of the series were produced in Falls Church- which surprised me; I always imagined him living on a farm somewhere in California.

There has actually been a concept developed for a Bob Ross “Joy of Painting” video game for the Nintendo Wii, which will take advantage of the motion sensors in the Wii controller. The original developers walked away from the project, but Bob Ross Inc. is looking for a new company to pick it up. So Wii-owners, watch for that.

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