Rockstars at the Book Festival

Don’s post about the Book Festival inspired me to go check out which authors would be in attendance. In past years, Bridge Household favorites Neil Gaiman and Neal Stephenson have been in attendance, so I generally think it’s a pretty worth event (and yes, Neil Gaiman is enough of a rockstar that people will wait until well after midnight for his signature.

I knew Judith “Miss Manners” Martin would be there to do a signing of her new travel book… but somehow I had failed to be aware that Jack Prelutsky would be here, in mah very own DC, to sign books.

Who is Jack Prelutsky, I hear you ask? He’s a freakin’ genius, as far as my brother and I are concerned. When we were kids, we had a paperback copy of his The New Kid on the Block. It eventually disintegrated from our repeated readings, accompanied by gales of laughter at such gems as “Ebeneezer Bleezer’s Ice Cream Store” and “Yubbazubbies.” But my personal favorite began:

Homework, Oh Homework
I hate you, you stink
I wish I could wash you away in the sink.

Maybe I’ll make my way down there this weekend. My brother is moving away to Wyoming next month, and he needs a housewarming gift.

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