The Morning News: Joe Gibbs, the Pope, and a petty county official

It’s a religiously fraught day in DC sports, with Coach Joe “Messiah” Gibbs resigning and the Pope planning a mass in the new Nationals Park. And what would a morning in the greater DC area be without a public official behaving poorly and construction on a major commuter route?

Gibbs Resigns From Redskins

Coach Joe Gibbs will announce his resignation this afternoon, according to the AP. He made a valiant effort, but some teams are beyond saving. I remember a coworker of mine being convinced that the Skins were going to win the Superbowl in Coach Gibbs’ first season back after years of abysmal performances. “Dude, his name is Joe, not Jesus.”

Pope Benedict to hold Mass at Nationals Park

Who knew Pope Benedict was a fan of the diamond? His Holiness will be saying Mass in center field on April 17th, his only public event when he visits Washington in the spring. Personally, I want to see if he can catch a pop-up fly.

Anne Arundel County Exec Rejects Children’s Artwork

County Executive John Leopold is reneging on a promise to display a mural created by a local artist and some schoolchildren because it’s “too busy to the eye.” I was not aware that we were engaging in artistic criticism of school art projects now… my mom always put my artwork up on the refrigerator, after all.

Lane Closures on 66

Expect to see delays during the late morning all week on I-66, as a couple of the westbound lanes will be closed to start drilling holes for a retailing wall near Exit 68.

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