Politicizing the baseball game

Not being as big a fan of baseball itself that Tom is, when he and I go to games, I tend to find a whole list of accompanying vignettes to opine about/amuse myself with. As such, I have a list. I rate the quality of the performance of the National Anthem. I scoff in annoyance when people yell “Oh!” on the line “O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,” because it’s tasteless in Baltimore and tasteless AND nonsensical here. I have opinions on the mascot’s interaction with the crowd, the musical choices played out over the PA, etc.

So it should come as a surprise to exactly no one that I have an opinion on the booing of the president as he threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Good heavens, people, can you not just give it a rest for three minutes?

I’m not a Bush fan. I don’t like his policies, I don’t like how he conducts the office of the Presidency, and I have more than a few colorful adjectives I’ve been known to throw his way when he appears on my television screen. But throwing out a ceremonial first pitch at the first baseball game of the season is about as non-controversial as it gets.

Is it really necessary to crap on the excitement of every little kid who came to the game but isn’t yet old enough to comprehend the nuances of foreign policy and statesmanship? Must we turn everything into an opportunity for expressing our impotent disapproval?

For my part, I chose to react with neither applause nor jeers. Instead, as Don suggested, I took a moment to silently reflect on how unique it is to live in a city where the President of the United States can drop by to throw out the first pitch at the beginning of the baseball season.

So on Opening Day 2009, let’s enjoy the start of the season and boo President McClintobama another day.

Politicizing the baseball game

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