Only Two Kastles Games Left!

Sacha Jones

Sacha Jones by Max Cook

While the Washington Kastles lost their match yesterday (23-19) against the Philadelphia Freedoms, they played their hearts out until the bitter end. Thanks to an intense women’s singles effort by Sacha Jones, the game went into overtime where she was quickly defeated by Audra Cohen, 1-0.

During a break between sets, Justin Gimelstob took on a young fan in a game of Wii tennis, making sure to remind the kids in the crowd that they should be outdoors playing tennis, not sitting in their living rooms. He also gave a valuable lesson to his young opponent by telling him that being a master of Wii tennis was not going to win him points with the ladies – only his real tennis skills will do that.

The Kastles only have two games left in their schedule! They face the Delaware Smash on Tuesday, July 22nd at 7:00PM ($3 Blue Moon), and of course you won’t want to miss their game on Wednesday against the St Louis Aces featuring Anna Kournikova. Come join the fun!

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