Clear-ed in 60 seconds…

In a previous post I talked about signing up for the Clear lanes at Dulles airport. After much waiting, my card came today – just in time for my flight to our annual conference. Being a total gear head, I wanted to try it immediately.

It’s hard not to love this service. Even after the sticker shock (yes, it is $128.00 per year), I now know it is worth it. On Friday during rush hour it took me – wait for it – all of 300 seconds to clear security. 5 minutes.  That’s right. Including biometrics, taking out the laptop, doing the X-Ray machine, everything. I was in a line of exactly two people. And then I was through.

Which means I get to spend an extra 1/2 an hour enjoying my Five Guys. And get in a quick blog post while I was at it.

Wow. Okay, I’m officially an addict.  I’ll never be able to go through a regular TSA lane again.

Jonathan Baker

came to DC, left for San Francisco, and then realized he couldn’t live without a daily fix of politics and came back. When not traveling to crazy locations, he speaks and writes for a major software house in CA.

3 thoughts on “Clear-ed in 60 seconds…

  1. 5 minutes, eh? Hmm.. I may be contrarian here, but that’s longer than I expected. Its about the same as the Premier Passenger line when I fly.

    I was really hoping for something in the sub-3min range for it to be worth the $100+.

    Well I say that now, days before my own rush hour flight to Lagos

  2. For those of us that can’t afford no stinkin’ business class tickets (and thus, the premium passenger line), $128 seems like a bargain for me. Now, if they’d only expand it to Atlanta’s Hartsfield . . .