Millions of peaches…

Peaches for me!
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Tom and I headed back out to Great Country Farm yesterday for this week’s farm share pickup and fruit-picking. (By the way, hello to We Love DC readers Jonathan and Katrina, who we met on the hayride back from the orchard.)

We knew we were getting some peaches in our produce box, but in previous weeks it has only been about 4 at a time and we had to ration them carefully so we could enjoy them all week. We expected to split the 4 pound bag of pick-your-own peaches with our friend we split the share with, and additional peaches were only $2/pound, so we picked some extra.

Hah. There must have been 2-3 pounds of peaches in the box. Then our friend wasn’t feeling well and didn’t participate in the picking, and didn’t take her half of the 4 pound bag. And we had picked probably another 4 pounds. (In addition to the couple of pints of blackberries.)

People, there are now at least TEN POUNDS OF PEACHES in my dining room. What the hell am I going to do with all this? I’d better start baking now… Post your peach recipes/ideas in the comments, please!

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5 thoughts on “Millions of peaches…

  1. Peach salsa

    4 peaches, peeled and diced
    1/4 c. red onion, finely minced
    2 tbsp mint
    2 tbsp parsley
    2 jalapeno chiles
    fresh lime juice
    lime zest
    s+p tt

    Oh, and you can also blanch the peaches, dunk ‘em in ice water, rub the skins off, pit them, pop them in the blender, and then use the puree to make Bellinis. Probably the best use of peaches.

  2. I’m actually a huge believer in the Pillsbury pie crust. If I insisted on making my own crusts, I’d only bake that kind of stuff on the weekends, and honestly I’d probably never get around to it- we’re short on space for rolling out crusts. If I give myself a break and buy the crust, I can make pie or quiche or whatever when I get home from work on a weeknight. And I figure, if buying the pre-made crust means I actually MAKE the stuff, it’s still a victory. :)

  3. Hey Tiffany, it was great to meet a pair of local celebs keepin’ it real, picking peaches. We had a great time at Great Country Farms as well and walked away with 12 lbs of peaches! My 2 yr old daughter is eating them like crazy so I have no doubt that we’ll finish them before they go bad.