Comedy in DC: Politics is Funny. No, Really.

Greg Tindale of Washington Improv Theater, Photo by Katie Jett

Greg Tindale of Washington Improv Theater, Photo by Katie Jett

‘Tis the season, friends: it’s a presidential election year. While we here at We Love DC are fond of reminding everyone that DC is more than just the three-ring circus we call “politics,” there’s no escaping the fact that it remains our primary export. So it should come as no surprise that Washington Improv Theater is presenting two politically-themed shows this fall, each distinct and potentially holding up to multiple viewings.

iMusical: The Secret Lives of Presidents is just that- an improvised musical featuring a different president or first lady each week. I don’t know about you, but I’m already pretty impressed with the cojones of people who can promise not only to improvise an entire musical about Mary Todd Lincoln, but that it will also be funny. The show debuts Thursday, September 4th at 8PM at Source Theater.

POTUS Among Us sounds like it might be funny if only because it’s closer to how I wish elections were really run: Performers take suggestions from the audience to create their campaign platforms, and then improvise their way through speeches and debates all the way to the general election. Imagine the glory of unscripted musings from people seeking elected office, completely dependent on what their constituents- er, audience- demand they talk about. This show debuts Friday, September 5th, at 8PM at Source Theater.

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  1. we already have a wanna-be prepped-out vinny chase with the worst fake tan we’ve ever seen and a suit that is uglier than andy rooney’s, but only from the tie knot up.