We Love Food: An Ode to Luna Grill

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Okay, I know. Usually in this feature we talk about some fantastic new place we just tried, some culinary delights we had heretofore not considered, and here I am talking about Luna Grill and Diner. And really, is there anyone left in DC who hasn’t eaten at Luna?

(If you are in DC and haven’t yet gone to Luna, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Go now. Don’t worry, you can finish reading We Love DC when you get back; we’ll still be here.)

It’s not that the food at Luna is so special- in most cases, it’s nothing I couldn’t make at home just as well. But sometimes, the omelette tastes better when someone else makes it. And the food is so inexpensive that you don’t feel bad about letting someone else clean up.  

This lovefest was brought on when Tom and I recently spent a week in Seattle, where apparently people do not believe in breakfast. Oh sure, you can find a coffeeshop on every corner and two in between, but we wandered for an hour before finding a restaurant open for breakfast- and it was in a hotel. Who ARE these people who neglect the most important meal of the day?

Every city needs a Luna- a diner where they serve breakfast all day, make a damn fine grilled cheese sandwich, and don’t charge you an arm and a leg for it. I particularly recommend the veggie nachos- multicolored tortilla chips make me disproportionately happy, but the veggie chili could convert even the most adamant of carnivores.

Actually, now that I think about it, I feel the need for a breakfast burrito coming on…

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13 thoughts on “We Love Food: An Ode to Luna Grill

  1. wow, i don’t know what to think. such bad review. such good review! i don’t want trash in my coffee but i sure do want some sweet potato fries.

  2. They have amazing garlic bread at Luna, but overall their food is basically just OK (nothing to write home about). I like that they have a huge menu and daily specials.

    Seattle has some amazing places for breakfast BTW. The Five Spot on Queen Anne being one of them.

  3. i’m sorry, but this place is really, really bad. i’m all for diners and affordability, but most cities (maybe not seattle, i don’t know) have a million of these places and i bet that 999,999 of them are better than luna grill. it’s sad that those of us doing time here in DC have such crappy diner/cheap food options that we would praise luna grill.

  4. It my go to choice when I am hungry and in the dupont area and have always had a good experience (good food and serivice). And its hard to find better prices!

  5. It my go to choice when I am hungry and in the dupont area and have always had a good experience (good food and service). And its hard to find better prices!

  6. Oh yeah, they also do sweet potato fries at Famous Daves on Richmond Highway in southern Alexandria. So, if you can’t get them at Luna Grill, go to Famous Daves BBQ.

  7. What about Luna Cafe, on P and 17th? That’s my go-to diner in the area when I’m looking for comfort food and slow service.

  8. I’m pretty sure they aren’t related. Luna Cafe and Skewers (on the second floor of the same building) are related, though, and both are pretty solid.

    On Wednesdays and Sundays Luna Cafe has half-price pizza (meaning it’s around $4 for a tasty pie, plus toppings). And they usually have $3 beer specials.