Things Are Pretty Okay

Cropped from The End is Not for a While,
Cropped from The End is Not for a While,

Randall Monroe of xkcd has given me a fantastic idea. Click through above to read the whole panel, and then come back and help me figure out what should go on my contentment protest signs. I’m going to keep them in the trunk of my car, because you never know when you’ll run into a random protest here in DC.

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9 thoughts on “Things Are Pretty Okay

  1. I want one that says:

    “The Capital Carpenter’s Union [or whatever it is that they're called] uses non-union protesters.”

    Just for the annoying “So-and-so pays below area standard wages and benefits” protests.

  2. The great thing about the carpenter’s union one is that you could get in line with the actual protesters and not get a bit of lip since they couldn’t really care less – they’re there for the money.