That Time of Year Again Already?

So according to this WaPo video, Hizzoner the righteous Marion Barry, Lord and Master of Ward 8, had a “how to” instructional on approaching voters at the District’s primary polls tomorrow. As in, block and annoy the crap out of people who just want to vote.

I’m never in favor of candidate supporters clogging the entrance to polls. I want to vote in peace and quiet, not listen to last-minute pitches and bullcrapola. (Hence my recent run of absentee balloting.) Heck, I’m all for a half-mile “exclusion zone” centered around each polling place.

I’ll give Marion this; he’s persistent. Probably why he’s re-elected…

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One thought on “That Time of Year Again Already?

  1. Sandy Allen exactly when did you lose your integrity? When Marion Barry wrote you the check or the moment you cashed it? Last election cycle Sandy Allen was accusing Marion Barry of voter impropriety and now – “Team Barry!”

    This is why Ward 8 is in the crapper right now. People putting their own needs above those of the community.